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Switch Seung
School Girl
A Painful Touch...

With a knowing come-hither smile, the beautiful Switch Seung (승) draws her slaves into a world where striving to fulfill her demanding ways are all that they can imagine. Inevitably falling short in his attempts, the slave can expect to be the object of her sharp and perverted sense of humor as well as the creative punishments she playfully dispenses. Switch Seung relishes the moment when the broken slave embraces her ways as his only possible path to serving and amusing her.

As a submissive, she is yielding yet resistant. The right mix of strength and understanding will have her mindful of her place, whether that's peering out from her cage or on her knees obediently awaiting her next punishment.

Ethnicity: Korean
Languages: Korean, English (no accent)
Shoe Size:



The Fetish Fortress provides a variety of legal BDSM services. We provide no services whatsoever of a sexual nature. Please contact us for a list of available fetish role play scenarios.

Domina Rates:

  • Regular: $230hr for one hour, $205hr for two or more hours
  • Pre-Booking Rate: $170hr*
  • Dinner and Domination:$750.
*Pre-Booking Rate is not available for Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays and is for sessions booked at least one week in advance. Clients who cancel sessions with less than 48 hours notice are no longer eligible for the Pre-Booking Rate.

Submissive Rates:

  • $350hr



Switch Seung's Reviews:

Mistress Seung is the absolute best. Personable, pretty and very much aware of what I want. I can tell she enjoys wielding the whip! She is perfect! Thank you.... Seung is a fresh Dom who can be stern and demanding while at the same time making you want to please and obey. What I really like about Seung is the smile on her face and the giggle in her voice as she cracks the whip on your ass. She obviously enjoys inflicting pain and humiliation, but it is done with such fresh style that you are not sure whether to beg her to stop or lie down and take whatever she wants to dish out. -W
This was my first time sessioning with either of these lovely mistresses and only my second two mistress session ever. Mistress Ahn and Seung were great. They seemed to hit just about all the right buttons for the entire session. I was humiliated and I loved every minute of it. It was another first rate fortress session. I highly recommend either or both of these ladies. I will certainly be back for more.


I'll to thanks Ms Seung for a great session last friday evening. She's so, cute in her school girl outfit yet leaves deep impression all over me :D . Now that I am back in my home country still drooling over the marks she left on me...Thanks again for such a wonderful session.


I had the great fortune to behold the beauty of Ms Seung on thursday. She is captivating, she draws you in with her incredible beauty, her light giggles, her endearing smile until you find yourself willing to do anything to keep her interested, say anything to keep her laughing with that fantastic smile. Ms Seung's pictures pale in comparison to her reality. like the myth of the sirens, as a sailor, i would crash my ship into any rock she inhabited if that would please her. she politely broke me exactly how she wanted. i was happily wrapped around her finger. She was a joy to be with as she easily manipulated me into some very difficult situations, i was more than happy to please. but don't be fooled, lurking under that innocent skin lies a twisted sense of humor ready to lash out when i spoke out of turn, stepped out of line, or just because it pleased her. as if by accident Ms Seung would lull me into a false sense of security, waiting for that next giggle, that next coo, only to leave me completely unsuspecting until i felt the sting barely noticing the whoosh of air and longing for the sound of the slap. i will happily walk down any path to please her, anything she asked me to do i would gladly do. i strongly urge anyone to be at her mercy, it is lots of fun. :D .


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