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  2. SoIntoYou


    looking absolutely stunning Awwwwooooogah!
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  4. Mistress Kang

    Special Kinks

    Is there a kink you've only ever experienced with one other person and have no intention to share with anyone else? What is that kink and why?
  5. Big Trouble Baby

    Good Morning!

    Need more Mistress and pet photos.
  6. JustAGuy

    Book to Movie/Show

    You need to force your way through at least one to see the late Alan Rickman as Severus Snape. One of those film performances where you can never reread the books and not picture that actor in the part.
  7. tommygermany

    Book to Movie/Show

    Dear Ms. Kang, I have the hard cover comic of "the Crow" and love the movie. R.I.P. Brandon Lee! Waiting for anyone picking up the filming rights for the Charlie Parker novels from John Connolly and "the List of Seven" from Mark Frost (the Twin Peaks author). Still love the Charlton Heston "Ben Hur", Gregory Peck as Captain Ahab in "Moby Dick" and "20000 leagues under the sea" with Kirk Douglas. And I love "RENT" the musical adaption of "La Vie Boheme" from Jonathan Larson and the movie with Rosario Dawson! Just to name a few...
  8. Adam-Dunn

    Late night.

    Hi Jayman Wow -! I found another guy w the same fetish !! Yes I often fantasize about 2 or 3 lovely females just really digging their teeth into me and.....feasting !! Just totally ignoring my screams as they savor their " meal "-! Adam
  9. Adam-Dunn

    Ready for cooler temps & hot leather🖤

    Those eyes -! And those lips and. ,just everything about You -! So lovely and SWEET ! And yet - You mete punishment. ? Hard to believe ! Adam
  10. Adam-Dunn


    Oh my goodness -!! I knew You were beautiful ..but. .Oh my Would luv to ..." suffer " for You ! Adam
  11. GDH94

    Ready for cooler temps & hot leather🖤

  12. SoIntoYou

    Ready for cooler temps & hot leather🖤

    What a stunner.
  13. SoIntoYou

    Back in the day..

    Mistresses Von Dietz and Jin - the only two mistresses I've ever had the pleasure of serving. You two seem like a real dynamic duo and i can't even begin to imagine what a Double Domme session would have been like.
  14. harrypotter

    Book to Movie/Show

    I never watched any of the movies! I watched about 5 minutes of one and found their haircuts so distracting I never watched any more
  15. Tyro Tim

    Book to Movie/Show

    Obvious question. Why didn’t you mention any of the Harry Potter books?
  16. Mistress Von Dietz

    Hair Bun Cages

    Just have to say that I am obsessed with her little denim overalls/shorts outfit. 😍
  17. Mistress Von Dietz

    Celebrity dommes

    After watching The Handmaid’s Tale.. I would just love to see what a several of those women would be like, dressed in Leather-hand them each a whip. I am certain they would bring the walls down. They are something fierce!
  18. Mistress Von Dietz

    Girl talk?

    You are literally always biting off more than you can swallow! I love the enthusiasm & thirst that you arrive with... Watching you leave, completely used up with a dreamy gaze in your eyes. This is so satisfying to me. 💋
  19. Mistress Von Dietz

    First session tomorrow

    Pleased that you only lasted such a short time before returning to where you truly belong..
  20. harrypotter

    Book to Movie/Show

    Bridge on the River Kwai and Day of the Jackal. Both enjoyable books but the films are more epic and engrossing. The film ending of Kwai is far superior too. My Life as a Dog the film is excellent and much better than the book. Valmont and Dangerous Liaisons are both better than the book.
  21. Jeriko13

    Book to Movie/Show

    Thought he was a little over the top to be honest. The viewer should feel there is something more about him, without knowing what it is or being sure about it until the reveal. In the show, you may not know what, but you know it's something. And it kind of kills of the character exposition because you realize what the show is trying to show really isn't tbe truth rather easily.
  22. Mistress Kang

    Book to Movie/Show

    Oh Wil Wheaton is an awesome narrator LOL I recently listened to him narrate Lock In by John Scalzi.
  23. theDumbMule

    Book to Movie/Show

    For anyone into 80's nostalgia, Ready Player One is fun. In this case the book is better than the movie. Audio book is read by Wil Wheaton.
  24. pat8685

    Book to Movie/Show

    Jayman, Wise Guy was a great book and Goodfellas was an even better movie. I worked with a guy who knew Henry Hill . Some good stories. Hope the year turns around for you!
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  26. JustAGuy

    Meet Kitty!.mp4

    Is anyone else thinking of Star Trek TNG, where Data had a pet cat named Spot?
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