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  1. rayjames1986

    Nervous to book a session

    Do it! You won't regret it!
  2. rayjames1986

    a glimpse of my new tattoo

  3. rayjames1986

    night light πŸ’₯

  4. rayjames1986

    First 2 hour session soon.

    how did it go AromaLover?
  5. rayjames1986

    Metal Yoke Is Back!

    really looking forward to trying this!
  6. rayjames1986

    Fetish Parties

    From my experience, Impact was the best one - also been to Torture Garden in London last month which was the best I have been, apparently they have started to throw one in NYC.
  7. rayjames1986

    comfy cute is my favorite style ✨😊

    love love love
  8. rayjames1986


  9. rayjames1986

    curls :)

    wow!!!! I am drooling all over
  10. rayjames1986

    Kitty Corset 🐱

    incredible !!!
  11. rayjames1986

    I love the way mesh clings to the body

  12. rayjames1986

    Mistress Rey and I went shopping for Lingerie

  13. rayjames1986

    pink has been my favorite lately...

  14. rayjames1986

    bundled up!

    the queen !
  15. rayjames1986

    Too young for fortress

    just book and session, and let the amazing ladies of fortress take charge