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  1. JustAGuy

    Impress Me In The Kitchen

    I make a slow-cooker turkey chili. Perhaps that's more of a panty-dropper than tuna casserole. Baked Zito isn't a food, it's a Fortress Mistress smoking the pot.
  2. JustAGuy

    Impress Me In The Kitchen

    You told me to never, ever serve this to a Mistress! Guess it's more of a Midwest potluck thing.
  3. JustAGuy

    Impress Me In The Kitchen

    I'm sitting down right now to dig into a casserole I just made. It's classic tuna noodle, a Midwest comfort food recipe. And I have occasionally daydreamed about serving it, or one of the other dishes I cook, to a Mistress! You salt some water and boil up some egg noodles. Meanwhile, you combine cream of mushroom soup, tuna, diced onions, and a half a cup of milk (for creaminess). You mix everything together in a casserole dish, pepper to taste, and put in an oven at 400 degrees. While it's cooking, you melt some butter and mix in seasoned breadcrumbs. After twenty minutes in the oven, you take the dish out, stir, and spread the buttery breadcrumb mixture on top. Then you spread shredded cheddar cheese, and put it back in the oven for five to ten minutes. This allows the cheese to melt into the breadcrumb topping, giving you a cheesy, zesty topping with tuna casserole beneath! Some folks light to use peas or even pimentos in the casserole, and use potato chips or French's crunchy onions as the topping. This should give you an indication as to how this is "comfort" food, not exactly high-class cuisine. I once described this dish to Mistress Zito. I believe her exact words were, "that sounds disgusting!"
  4. JustAGuy

    this dress is actually a 1930s lingerie slip... oops

    1930'a? Scandalous! I can see your knees you hussy!
  5. Sorry, I'm not really familiar with any books specific to the topics I mentioned. I think I just picked up on the Japanese tradition of cutting hair from news stories like this one about a pop idol more than from any book. I did read "The Tale of Genji" in translation while on a Eastern culture kick, which talks about the tradition of noble women cutting their hair and becoming nuns later in life, but it's not really explained in detail. The thing about Chinese warriors putting themselves in chains and presenting themselves for execution as a symbol of their absolute atonement I also got from reading a novel in translation during that same Eastern culture kick, this time the novel being "Romance of the Three Kingdoms." But it's a long novel and it's not really about that topic. It does feature a subplot fairly early on where an evil despot cannot be defeated by all the mightiest warlords of the land and their combined strength, but is ultimately undone by a seductress who tempts him to his doom. (She's sometimes portrayed in anime and video games as using a whip...) BTW, for any subbies still reading, you owe it yourself to go and see what Mistress Rey has learned about shibari!!!
  6. JustAGuy

    New Playroom (Purple Room) - ALMOST READY!

    Indeed! Could be "worse," I could be meeting both of you in there...
  7. JustAGuy

    Quick Tokyo Trip

  8. JustAGuy

    Quick Tokyo Trip

    I'm so jelly of you, Rey and Von Dietz! I have so many weird pictures, mostly of signs and T-shirts in "Engrish," from my trip to Japan years ago. It's fun to look at McDonald's menus where nothing you can order bears any resemblance to American McDonald's, although their Burger King seemed to serve a burger with like ten meat patties.
  9. JustAGuy

    T-shirt: "Looking For Japanese Boyfriend"

    You're looking for a Japanese boyfriend? Turning Japanese I think I'm turning Japanese I really think so...
  10. Not sure if I noticed this before but it's very interesting. I've long been fascinated by that aspect of Eastern culture, how humiliation can be honorable in some circumstances. Like the Japanese tradition of cutting off one's hair to show contrition, or the really ancient Chinese tradition of a strong and noble warrior who has failed in battle presenting himself in chains to be executed (which almost always results in their Lord undoing the bonds and praising their honor, but hey, the ritual is still important!) Not a million miles away from a submissive trying to reach a deeper level of humiliation and subservience to prove their devotion to their partner.
  11. JustAGuy

    New Playroom (Purple Room) - ALMOST READY!

    I think I may be about to be part of Mistress Rey's first Purple Room session! It's sure to be a painful honor...
  12. JustAGuy


    Don't know what's hotter, the middle fingers or the glasses.
  13. JustAGuy

    I Saw This Store and Laughed

    I saw a store today called "Creative Watersports."
  14. JustAGuy

    Carved from a coconut!

    Alas, poor Yorick.
  15. Did you go to Thunderbirds Café?