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  1. JustAGuy

    Book to Movie/Show

    You need to force your way through at least one to see the late Alan Rickman as Severus Snape. One of those film performances where you can never reread the books and not picture that actor in the part.
  2. JustAGuy

    Meet Kitty!.mp4

    Is anyone else thinking of Star Trek TNG, where Data had a pet cat named Spot?
  3. JustAGuy

    Book to Movie/Show

    Lots of great answers given already, I'll go with two Steinbeck novels made into movies. The original movie adaptation of "The Grapes of Wrath" is obviously a classic...you can't go back and read that book now and see Tom Joad as anyone other than Henry Fonda. I also really like the all but forgotten Gary Sinise/John Malkovich "Of Mice and Men." Saw it in the theater with my Dad and we both pretended we weren't crying at the end. Two great answers. Another great answer. I'm kind of glad that weird subplot about the gynecological plastic surgeon in the book didn't make it to the movie though. You know, I never read the books as a kid, but went back and read them as an adult because I enjoyed the movies so much. It's sort of sacrilege, but I found myself disappointed by some aspects of the books...like how little characters like Arwen have to do...then realized all their scenes from the movie are based on the epilogue material.
  4. JustAGuy

    Impress Me In The Kitchen

    Sigh. The more I read this thread, the more inadequate I feel. This is like, "Sophia Katz mocking your junk" levels of feeling inadequate!
  5. JustAGuy


    Worst beating I ever took was a "Mad Two Minutes" from Jessy. I recall it taking like 1 to 1.5 weeks to heal...suddenly I don't feel quite as tough as you guys taking the canings!
  6. JustAGuy

    Impress Me In The Kitchen

    It's got to be said, salmon carpaccio is really similar to tuna noodle casserole. Well, it's got fish in it, otherwise no.
  7. JustAGuy

    hanging around ;)

    What I wouldn't give to get to "hang around" with you...
  8. JustAGuy

    First Time

    Yeah, wasting your chance to experience a first again on Morrowind is ridiculous. Go for Grand Theft Auto Vice City, or Fallout 3!
  9. JustAGuy

    All latex lingerie

  10. JustAGuy

    Mistress Jung- Summer Sessions!!

    I told Mistress Haru I had a pretty good voice and she demanded I sign a song for her. Unfortunately, she chose the song and it was a pop song less than twenty years old, so she ridiculed and punished me for not knowing it. Then she made me sing "The Star Spangled Banner," and...shockingly...kept doing things like pinching my nipples or kneeing me in the groin when I got to the tough parts!
  11. JustAGuy

    Fortress Dreams...

    Anybody here, Domme or subbie, ever dreamed about the Fortress? I don't generally remember my dreams clearly the next morning, but I've had a handful of Fortress dreams over the years whose details I recall. I'm not personally thinking of daydreams, though I've had a few (like recurring daydreams about travelling to an exotic foreign location with a Mistress who would make me walk three steps behind her, carrying her shopping and of course paying for everything. I'd never really thought about needing to give her foot massages when she gets tired of walking, until Ms. Rey put the idea in my head and now I can't get it out..) Um, sorry, this was about dreams. The first dream I ever recall having about the Fortress morphed the Fortress into this huge, multi-story warehouse-like building where hundreds of slaves worked serving the Fortress Mistresses (like many dreams, it made sense in the dream itself but not at all when I woke up). I was there because of a big dinner party being held to celebrate the Fortress' great success. Different sections of the warehouse floor were overseen by different Mistresses, and I remembered being hugely honored because I was invited to sit at Headmistress Kang's table! Only when I went to sit did I realize it was a huge picnic-type table and I was several rows away from Jessy, who did not see or speak to me! More recently, I had almost the exact opposite of that dream: I dreamed I traveled to the Fortress to be part of a big anniversary party, but when I got there, it was just Headmistress Kang, Mistress Ree, and some guy. No one else showed up! In the dream, the guy was Mistress Ree's husband, which was why he was allowed to stand (I was crawling around the whole time, and no, I have no idea whether or not Ms. Ree has a partner in the real world!) I remember there was a big computer screen where Jessy was compiling all of her favorite threads from the message board, which was to be read out loud as a party activity. I kissed her feet and tried to think of something to say to make her feel better about no one showing up to the party. I also got to kiss Ms. Ree's feet as she and her husband were leaving, because they were bored. I can't really explain this one, it was just a really strange dream. The last dream I remember having about the Fortress was almost like a script for a weird comedy movie. I dreamed I had booked a multi-Mistress session for the next day, but was currently staying at a big hotel with my parents and my extended family (siblings, in-laws, etc). It was some sort of family vacation. But several of the Fortress Mistresses apparently decided they wanted to have my session early and somehow they knew I was at this hotel, so they all came to the hotel to surprise me. But it wasn't malicious, as once I explained my family was there and it would be embarrassing to explain all these dominatrixes, they agreed (to various degrees) to keep it quiet and to hide out, so the dream was mostly about situations like having a Mistress in the closet when my Mother came in to talk to me, and trying to get my Mom to leave before the Mistress would sneeze and reveal herself. I think at another point, one of the Mistresses was chatting with my little niece and kept saying things that would give away that she was a Mistress if my niece knew all the words she was using. Again, I can't explain it, it was a dream! Anybody else have any weird Fortress dreams?
  12. JustAGuy

    Impress Me In The Kitchen

    I make a slow-cooker turkey chili. Perhaps that's more of a panty-dropper than tuna casserole. Baked Zito isn't a food, it's a Fortress Mistress smoking the pot.
  13. JustAGuy

    Impress Me In The Kitchen

    You told me to never, ever serve this to a Mistress! Guess it's more of a Midwest potluck thing.
  14. JustAGuy

    Impress Me In The Kitchen

    I'm sitting down right now to dig into a casserole I just made. It's classic tuna noodle, a Midwest comfort food recipe. And I have occasionally daydreamed about serving it, or one of the other dishes I cook, to a Mistress! You salt some water and boil up some egg noodles. Meanwhile, you combine cream of mushroom soup, tuna, diced onions, and a half a cup of milk (for creaminess). You mix everything together in a casserole dish, pepper to taste, and put in an oven at 400 degrees. While it's cooking, you melt some butter and mix in seasoned breadcrumbs. After twenty minutes in the oven, you take the dish out, stir, and spread the buttery breadcrumb mixture on top. Then you spread shredded cheddar cheese, and put it back in the oven for five to ten minutes. This allows the cheese to melt into the breadcrumb topping, giving you a cheesy, zesty topping with tuna casserole beneath! Some folks light to use peas or even pimentos in the casserole, and use potato chips or French's crunchy onions as the topping. This should give you an indication as to how this is "comfort" food, not exactly high-class cuisine. I once described this dish to Mistress Zito. I believe her exact words were, "that sounds disgusting!"
  15. JustAGuy

    this dress is actually a 1930s lingerie slip... oops

    1930'a? Scandalous! I can see your knees you hussy!