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  1. Mistress Kang

    Little Pleasures

    This is so sweet 🙂 LOL @ the effect you have in bitches
  2. Mistress Kang

    Couldn't have been better.

    Please send us an email request: [email protected], or use this link: https://fortressnyc.com/contact
  3. Mistress Kang

    Mistakes Were Made

    This falls under "Mistakes Are Still Being Made" 🙂
  4. Mistress Kang

    Mistakes Were Made

    Sounds like you learned from this. Offer the same kindness to someone else when presented with the opportunity.
  5. Mistress Kang

    Mistakes Were Made

    Haha how old were you? Btw, car sex and really any "location" sex is fun 🙂
  6. Mistress Kang

    Mistakes Were Made

    That is indeed sweet! Good memories last a lifetime.
  7. Mistress Kang

    Mistakes Were Made

    This is so sweet 🙂
  8. Mistress Kang

    Mistakes Were Made

    What is the dumbest mistake you've ever made with a woman?
  9. Mistress Kang

    Girl talk?

    Someone's jealous.
  10. Mistress Kang

    Girl talk?

    Especially stale ones.
  11. Mistress Kang

    Girl talk?

    Your undeserved confidence is very convincing. Keep it up, I'm sure you'll be just fine.
  12. Mistress Kang

    Girl talk?

    He doesn't have a cute bone in his (kevybaby) body. While Otaku...
  13. Mistress Kang


    Another example of what doesn't kill you makes you stronger 🙂
  14. Mistress Kang

    Girl talk?

    Making kevybaby so jealous LOL
  15. Mistress Kang

    Special Kinks

    She trusted you to keep her safe which says a lot. How did you find her "johns"? Did you decide on the pricing together? Did you have a chance to use the experience in your own sex life with her afterwards?