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Bratty slave Choi in schoolgirl outfit getting stepped on from Asian Domina at the Fetish Fortress

So what is “Fetish Play”?

Maybe you’ve stumbled on this site by accident and you’re not quite sure what all this is about and what we do. Maybe you are experienced in BDSM and wonder what our take is on the Scene and how we ended up living it full time.

For us it goes beyond our own desires; to seeing the desires everyone has, what they learn to repress and what they allow themselves to act on. It seems to us that submission and dominance are FAR more natural, instinctive ways to show affection than pretending to be equals.

When you were in elementary school you pulled that girl’s pigtails or blew spit balls at her so she would know you liked her (in spite of her cooties), after she got fed up and kicked you in the balls (nurses office, ice pack) you knew she liked you. She would want you to carry her book bag after school, and you did partly because she told you to but also because you wanted to show off that you were stronger than her. Despite being equals dominance and submission was part of your interaction and it is one of the most innate, normal and healthy forms of interaction.

At Fetish Fortress we realize this, and also realize that there are few socially acceptable outlets for these very natural desires. It’s not the “fetishes” that are unusual, when we were young- before we were conditioned to repress these feelings nearly all of us acted on them. Now what is truly unusual is how few people have resisted that pressure and have the courage to acknowledge and explore these perplexing and fascinating desires. Most people repress and deny them, few are confident and secure enough to act on them. We cater to the select few who not only act, but who appreciate beautiful skilled women who share their tastes and have devoted their lives to the BDSM lifestyle.