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  1. Mistress Von Dietz


    I think theDM is delirious, there are no pranks at the Fortress... 😈
  2. Mistress Von Dietz

    Booking a session...

    100% yes!! You and your Mistress will work out the details together in the beginning briefly, and she will curate an unforgettable experience. Do it!
  3. Mistress Von Dietz

    Booking a session...

    OMG!! I have that photo saved to my phone somewhere!! You know me too well. lol If only human pigs were as adorable.
  4. Mistress Von Dietz


    I am pleased to learn that the crazy ride you’ve endured, has been both enlightening & also lead you closer to The Fortress/NYC. Here’s looking up.. At your Mistress! 💋
  5. Mistress Von Dietz

    Respect to Poe🖤

    Yes, at Westminster. Lovely place. What are some of your favorites from his collection?
  6. Mistress Von Dietz

    Respect to Poe🖤

    Indeed I am! My first memory of checking out a book at the public library, it was a collection of poetry by him. Great big heavy book, that I read out loud to my Mother’s horror. Lol
  7. Mistress Von Dietz

    Cheesin’ in a wine museum!

    Indeed!! It was... Rosè. Hence the cheese!
  8. Mistress Von Dietz

    Special Kinks

    Ha! I invite that! The list goes on... 😂
  9. Mistress Von Dietz

    Special Kinks

    Nah.. We already know your truth, DM.. ;D
  10. Mistress Von Dietz

    Ready for cooler temps & hot leather🖤

  11. Mistress Von Dietz

    Batsu Taxi

    Oh, it was me. 🤣
  12. Mistress Von Dietz

    Hair Bun Cages

    Just have to say that I am obsessed with her little denim overalls/shorts outfit. 😍
  13. Mistress Von Dietz

    Celebrity dommes

    After watching The Handmaid’s Tale.. I would just love to see what a several of those women would be like, dressed in Leather-hand them each a whip. I am certain they would bring the walls down. They are something fierce!
  14. Mistress Von Dietz

    Girl talk?

    You are literally always biting off more than you can swallow! I love the enthusiasm & thirst that you arrive with... Watching you leave, completely used up with a dreamy gaze in your eyes. This is so satisfying to me. 💋