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Found 1 result

  1. Mistress Rey

    The "Hard-on" on Trial

    What a wild account of some court case humiliation! In Roman Catholic France, (pre Revolution) human bodies were not considered private property. Married persons were required to perform their bedroom duties by law. An impotent husband, even if he was unaware of it before marriage, would be considered to have committed larceny. Divorce was almost non existent, but a marriage could be dissolved on the account of the husband’s flaccid prone penis! The couple would be subject to examinations, plenty of groping and prodding by medical professionals. Under all that pressure how is a man to perform?Then, they would have to copulate in front of medical professionals and/or close family members at the court to make sure the husband was doing his wife right. It all sounds so humiliating and hilarious that this was once a way to settle a court case! An excerpt from the text: “It involved a couple—likely estranged—who were compelled to have sex in semiprivate quarters, either within the courthouse or rented rooms, with medical people and legal people and close family nearby. In some accounts, all that shrouded the copulating pair were thin paper screens; in others the small crowd gathered behind a half open door or in an antechamber. The entire trying event lasted roughly two hours, punctuated by the kind of bickering achievable only by two people-in-hate. Before and after there were careful checks for fraud. On entering, each party was stripped and examined in every available orifice, searched for vials of blood, and checked for the use of astringents. Afterward, their genitals and bedsheets were subject to examination for fluids.” https://www.theparisreview.org/blog/2016/05/18/the-hard-on-on-trial/