Mistress Li

Into the Briar Patch…

Mistress Li’s sweet-natured disposition will lure you into a false sense of security. Behind the disguise of her eyes lie a clever ruse. Her gaze is peaceful yet piercing as she plans your demise, and one can’t help but feel unworthy in her presence. She sees only herself and ways in which you can serve her. Her sadistic tendencies will draw from you a fervent need to submit. You will learn to love the pain she inflicts and the resulting pleasure. As she shapes you into an unforgivable predicament with rope, she will also use her whip to force you to bend entirely to her command. She loves nothing more than to watch her loyal minions relinquish their control to her, and you will revel in the thrill of resigning yourself to your fate.

Ethnicity : Chinese

Languages : Mandarin, English (no accent)

Height : 5’6″

Shoe Size : 7

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I recently had the opportunity to session with Mistress Li. Let me start by telling you that Mistress Li has an absolutely adorable girl-next-door vibe to her. She can easily be the hottie on the subway going to her college class. During the session, she has a calm demeanor and makes it clear that you will comply with her demands. She is also very good at verbal humiliation. She listened to my session requests and graciously granted those she deemed appropriate. I requested a two hour session and am glad I did, as one hour would not have been enough time with this intelligent and imaginative person.

- LV

I usually session with more experienced players, but there was something about Mistress Li's pictures. So sweet and innocent - is she really a Domme? I asked for high heel and stocking worship and pain, requesting Mistress Li choose the room. The big day arrived and my usual butterflies and dry mouth. Expecting an easy worship session for some reason. Mistress Li arrives and she is so hot and sexy. We start with shoe and leg worship and then it gets really interesting. Mistress Li explains she has two sets of equipment. I've had bad experiences before ("They don't work", "I don't know how to use them"). Well Mistress Li knows exactly what to do. She made me scream! She also let me stroke her hair and legs to calm myself down. A 10 out of 10 for Mistress Li. Loved every minute and our chat at the session end. A perfect professional. Think it is good for my sanity I am not based in New York as I could become seriously addicted to Mistress Li.

- Mesmerised