Mistress Brinks

The Amazon

Mistress Zenobia Brinks- her girlish smile and cheerful demeanor conceals a devious and sadistic mind. She uses her towering six foot figure to dominate you and her innate talent to carefully and precisely train you to be her obedient plaything.

Mistress Brinks is enthusiastic about her craft and will pull from her repertoire the perfect punishment to teach her submissive absolute compliance. She has no patience for failure and no pity for your pain, only an implacable drive to bend you to her will.

Ethnicity : Black

Languages : English

Height: 6’0″ (Without heels)

Shoe Size : 10


Mistress Brinks is very tall, and therefore physically is very dominating. She is much more attractive in person than in her pictures. She fulfilled my session requests expertly. I could tell that she was having as good of a time, if not better, than I was; that helped make the session so much more enjoyable. I am looking forwards to my next trip to New York, so I can sneak in another session at the FORTRESS. Thank you Mistress Brinks for a wonderful and unforgettable time!

- Rubber Chicken

If anyone is looking for an official Mistress, look no further! Mistress Brinks will check off all of your fantasy expectations & then some. Check her profile - she's certified naughty with a PhD in discipline. She's pretty & sexy in her pics but amazingly even more stunningly beautiful in person!! I'm hooked and looking forward to tons of more sessions.

- C