Angry Little Korean Girl

Cute, bitchy, and verbally sharp aptly sum-up Mistress Lily Choi – an irresistible combination for many would-be slaves. She’ll put you “in the moment” with just a few carefully chosen words, and proceed to skillfully take full advantage of the situation with her bitchy, yet playful, style.

As a Domme she makes the session real and immediate. Soft and sexy on the outside, with a hard inside, Mistress Choi offers some of our most exhilarating and intense role play sessions.

On occasion Mistress Choi will switch (assume the submissive role) for select clients- please inquire.

Ethnicity: Korean

Languages: English (no accent)

Height: 5’1″

Shoe Size: 5.5


The other day I had a three hour session with Mistress Kang who in the session brought in Mistress Choi. It was extraordinary to say the least. Mistress Choi was superb in being given the orders to beat me with 10 different implements, cane floggers, wood paddle. The totals started from 100 hits for number 10 to 10 foe the last one I think it added up to 600 hard strokes She hit me ON my... and of course my backside . I was left red with several large intrusions. she also taunted me and made me keep count and if I messed up she made up for it . Mistress Choi really enjoyed hitting me especially the ... torture. She continued after the prescribed amounts to please herself with my pain. I still am in a lot of pain to remember the session. Choi was fantastic she really likes her work.

- Spockme - Forum Member

Yesterday I had a 4 hour session mostly with Mistress Choi. Mistress Kang several times came into the session. I must say Mistress Kang has a great ability in finding new Mistresses to become part of the Fortress Family. Mistress Choi is a beautiful and intelligent woman I found her interesting to talk too. She is sensitive to your feelings and is playful and can make a painful session as you want. I was happy to see Mistress Choi loved to hurt me, just staying for 4 hours proves the point... I can only say The Fortress has another potential star in Mistress Choi, well worth the session to explore.

- Big Bill - Forum Member

I've sessioned at a few other dungeons in NYC and Chicago, and the Fortress has always been the friendliest, most accommodating, and cleanest facility I've been to. I had the pleasure of an hour session with Mistress Choi as a submissive soon after she began at the Fortress. Although her pictures are great, she looks even better in person. Her voice is just incredibly sexy! She was down to earth, easy to talk to and put me at ease pretty much from the start. I had a great session with her- she came in dressed exactly as requested and just looked incredible. She took her punishment well- both flogging and OTK spanking and behaved as a very obedient bottom. I really enjoyed the session with her, definitely will session with her and at the Fortress again!

- D

I had the honor of a kick-ass session with Her (Choi) on short notice. After I recovered from Her jaw dropping/breath-taking beauty I was treated to a fabulous scene. She, like Mistress Kang, was super friendly and able to allay my fears and doubts. That's no easy task, as I am generally very anxious - especially when "trapped" inside the cold steel gates of the Fortress. After a freindly chat, we jumped in full throttle. Choi accomodated my quirky fetishes, respected my limits, and pushed them at the same time. I've only "dabbled" in the fetish world sparingly - so I don't have very much experience to draw upon in crafting a critique... All I can say is - I have an awesome time, it was alot of fun, and I left with a huge smile on my face. I am grateful to these ladies for allowing me to get in touch with my submissive side. I really, really want to return soon - as soon as the bruises heal. :D

- forteounce2000 - forum member

I met Mistress Choi for the first time last week at our session. She is beautiful and determined. We began the session with role-playing - she was wearing a very cute sailor suit top and a short skirt, so at first she played the schoolgirl being called on the carpet and I was the stern autocratic Principal. Why was the evil Principal wearing no clothes? Because his job is to enforce the rules, not obey them. Plus he's kind of a pervert. It was soon evident that Choi was a very tough cookie. No matter how I tied and whipped her she still struggled and refused to submit. I could have asked her to be more submissive, but it was more fun to go on as we were. Tickling Choi was very entertaining, and she suffered rope and cuff burns on her wrists and ankles from her struggles without complaint. Like I said, a tough cookie. Then we switched. She soon had her depraved Principal stretched face down across the platform helpless, blindfolded, legs splayed and tied to the rungs, ass exposed. She alternated between sensory deprivation, scolding and humiliating and doing exactly as she pleased. It was a marvelous experience. Choi is funny, quick, sarcastic and fun to talk to; in the end we traded stories. Great time. I want to schedule a rematch soon.

- J

Dear Mistress Choi, You are, and forever will be, my teacher and Mistress. Thank you for leading me on my journey of discovery. With your steady hand, stern yet sensuous voice, and infectious joie de vie, you taught me that there can be sheer ecstasy in submission. You are a kitten with a whip and I am your ball of yarn. You expertly probed my desires and turned my unfulfilled fetish into an awakening. With your prickly wheel, clothespins, purple lollipops and blindfold, you demonstrated why you are the Mistress and why I am barely worthy of kissing your feet. I was in such a delightfully fuzzy state after experiencing my cathartic session with you, I failed to get the name of the Korean barbecue place. I will most certainly be back. I owe you a substantial tribute as I left with more than I arrived and I intend on making this my first order of business when I see you again. Forever in Your Debt,

- Swayzo

So, I finally made it to your fantastic magical place a couple of weeks ago while I was in the city. Wow! The experience for me is still mind blowing. Mistress Choi, You are wonderful mysterious, devastating and irresistible. Can't wait for round two!

- Ticklebrat

I've visited the fortress three times is the past month and the experience just keeps getting better and better. For my third session Mistress Ree recommended Mistress Choi, and I am happy that I took her advice. Mistress Choi is super sexy and a whole lot of fun, shes is also really funny. No matter how hard I try to hide it the ladies of the fortress seem to discover very quickly how ticklish I am. Mistress Choi took great pleasure in getting me all tied up an then tickling me until I was out of breath and begging for mercy. She is so good that while I'm not into pain at one point I almost considered begging her to cane me just so the tickling would stop. Between all the tickling she would reward me by allowing me to worship her feet, so the torture was well worth it. Mistress Choi is fantastic and I highly recommend her and I can't wait for my fourth session at the fortress!

- Brutus

Only 5 days after my 3 hour session with Mistress Choi, including an hour with Mistress Zhao, did I start to walk normal again. My nipples are no longer reminding me of their presence every time my shirt rubs across them. I put my trust in Mistress Choi and she found ways to push harder and deeper and has taken me another step further. Thanks for rescuing me and bringing me back to take more. I hope I was able to provide some entertainment value for you. Until my next visit to NYC, you'll both be in my head.

- Bradley

Mistress Choi took me in and instructed me as to the proper way to great her. Which, considering her beauty and demeanor, is a pleasure. After teasing and toying around a bit, Mistress Choi tied me in an uncomfortably, comfortable way that only someone with true skill could. I wanted to reach out and touch her, but I was unable to move while She continued to a level I hadn’t experienced before. Mistress Choi moved gracefully and rhythmically through out the session. She has an unmatched endurance to continue long after I’ve succumbed. I can still feel her presence. I am hers.

- B

For my second time at the Fortress, I decided to book a two hour session with Mistress Choi. Much to my delight, Mistress Choi walked in the Steel room wearing a leather mini skirt complete with black fishnet stockings. After I properly greeted her by kissing her feet, Mistress Choi wasted no time bending me over and working me over with a variety of implements. She was determined to turn my ass a deep shade of red and went to work with a fury. Let me tell you though, when someone as talented and beautiful as Mistress Choi is delivering the punishment, I found myself wanting to take more; Especially when I saw how much Mistress Choi enjoyed punishing me. By this point I would have done anything for Mistress Choi. When the session was over, I think I could have gone another 2 hours, thats how skillful she was at guiding me through the entire session. I haven't stopped replaying every minute in my mind and am already thinking ahead to my next visit to the Fortress. I really appreciate the effort that everybody at the Fortress puts forth in making the client feel at ease. You all do a tremendous job! Thanks again!

- PT

My session with Mistress Choi and Mistress Zhao exceeded all of my expectations. When both mistresses entered the room they looked absolutely stunning dressed in the style I had asked, micro leather outfits and the hottest boots. They immediately took control and I was about to became their plaything. The session began and I was quickly on the floor at their feet but before I knew it they had quickly upped the pace and intensity of the session getting me in all sorts of positions and predicaments! Both Mistress Choi and Mistress Zhao have such a great chemistry together. They took it in turns to punish me whilst the other would sooth and reassure me that the pain I experienced was what I needed to please my misstresses. They continued to revisit the fetishes I had requested in my initial correspondence, using the smell of their leather outfits and their hot boots to distract me. In my ecstasy all I wanted to do was please and impress them. After the session I felt physically and emotionally drained and couldn’t get up from the floor as they both laughed. I was on the floor at the feet of my 2 mistresses and chief tormentors, not a bad place to be.

- M