Mistress Fei

Unrelenting control

Mistress Fei- part enigmatic modern muse and part deviant. Growing up obsessed with a cerebral diet of Korean Vengeance and Japanese horror films, Mistress Kelly Fei always questioned why she loved performing makeovers on her boyfriends and making them wear her clothes against their will for her own amusement. In all relationships she loved being the one secretly in control through conniving manipulation, alternating with genuine, selfless care.

With a background in psychology and a penchant for addressing the darker, repressed side of human nature, she forges a strong psychic connection based on your individual chemistry. What you have in the room with her is your own unique fantasy world- she has tapped into what you really want and need, things you may not even know yourself.

This sensual, mysterious and unusual Mistress has a sweet laugh and smile, but upon closer examination of her purposely soft-spoken and gentle demeanor, you’ll find sinister undertones.

She loves to wield unrelenting control over you with her sharp mind, charm and beauty. Ultimately, it’s for your own good, and you will be addicted to her sadistic way of healing.

Ethnicity : Chinese

Languages : English (no accent), Mandarin Chinese

Height: 5’8″

Shoe Size : 7.5


Recently had 2 hours to play with Mistress Fei. So glad I did. The turn-the-tables session on a professor by a very smart student included some of the most intense play - in many places - I've ever experienced. (Made the mistake of saying, "You can't make me scream.") Add in predicament bondage, the feared Hook, nipple torture (still sore), forced open mouth gag, and so many others… It all added up to a session that will be treasured for a long time. This, all while Mary Poppins played in the background giving new meaning to songs like "A Spoonful of Sugar". More importantly, Mistress Fei is just plain beautiful, lovely, and fun. She was really into everything we did - and the conversation at the end made it even more special. Mistress Fei has such a hunger to learn and master the Art, coupled with a personality and style that is a cut above. Can't wait for another session, and can't imagine what it would be like in a Double-Domme one!

- Royboy

Recently I decided to see Mistress Fei in person and I couldn't be any happier with that decision. While her pictures online are spectacular, they don't do justice with how breathtaking this woman is in person. I've never been so nervous around someone because of their beauty. She has the type of beauty that wars have been fought over causing civilizations to crumble. Her stare is so intimidating with those absolutely majestic and regal eyes, it essentially captures your soul and puts you in a trance that makes you think that her happiness is the most important thing on earth In session she is very engaging and super sweet, but very demanding. She is amazing at teasing. Plus she shows absolutely no mercy with the whip! To say I'm looking forward to getting to spend much more time with her and getting to know her sadistic side further would be an understatement. I would be her whipping boy and toilet slave every day of the week if it were possible.

- Rob