Mistress Gong

Unrelenting control

She entices her prey with a voluptuous angelic facade, but once a sub succumbs to her charms, Mistress Gong’s true form is made clear. Her twisted and sinister mind then subjects her victims to indescribable agony, gratifying herself with their anguish.

These liaisons are considered harmless flings by Mistress Gong.  She always provides her subs ecstasy derived from their own desires, which makes their pain that much sweeter. She has perfected her physique and soul piercing glare to mesmerize her enamored victims. She enjoys their exquisite pain yet is always left wanting more. Their suffering was too brief to give her anything more than a sliver of pleasure, just enough to get by until the next feeding. Will her appetite ever be satiated? Come find out for yourself.

Ethnicity : Chinese

Languages : English (no accent), Mandarin Chinese

Height: 5’11”

Shoe Size : 10