Mistress Haru

Merciless Enchantress…

Mistress Haru’s girlish smile and cheerful demeanor conceals a devious sadistic mind. Ever since she was a little girl, she’s taken pleasure in having boys follow her around, only to knock them to the ground. Now, she will use her generous body to lure you in and use her sharp mind to devise a tortuous plan to make you her’s forever.

Haru is enthusiastic about her craft and will pull from her repertoire the perfect way to punish her victim. She reserves her patience not for men, but for refining her technique.

With a laugh she’ll bring you to your knees and leave you broken and begging. She’ll keep you straddling the line of pleasure and pain and gleefully take it all away from you. You exist to keep her happy and you won’t want it any other way.

Ethnicity : Japanese-Irish

Languages : Japanese, English (no accent)

Height: 5’3″

Shoe Size : 7.5


Ah, Mistress Haru! This Pixie of Perversity roped me in with her smoky gaze and innocent demeanor. With the sultry good looks of a young Helena Bonham Carter, combined with a delicate body and playful hands. Unfailingly polite, this porcelain doll conceals a ferocious Asian Tiger that likes to play with its prey. Mistress Haru is a mustn’t-miss port of call on the pleasure cruise otherwise known as The Fetish Fortress. I was comfortable with her from the very start, and I stood amazed at how she combined adorable with sexy sadist so breezily. After some introductory small chat, I climbed onto the circular divan and Mistress Haru promptly pinned my arms back with deft rope skills and had me looking like a maniacal bird pinned back in a display case at the Museum of Natural History. My toes curled with each punch, and as my feet unclenchd, Mistress Haru ran her nails along the tops of my feet, a gesture both delicate and endearing. An appointment at the Fetish Fortress serves to shatter my psyche and to cause my body to feel as if it’s left in shards, but by the time my sneakers are bouncing down the sidewalks of Chinatown, I realize that my body and mind are whole, and my soul replenished. Mistress Haru did a fine job of revivifying my soul, and I unreservedly recommend the experience.

- John082

Mistress Tran and Mistress Haru work together beautifully. I was delirious after only a short time. And it just kept getting better. Thank You, Mistress Tran and Mistress Haru. All the writing in the world cannot describe what the Two of You did.

- Lashee

I try to come to the Fortress once a year (for my annual trip to the Big Apple). For some time, I had been hoping to do a real switch session. This time around, I arranged a session with Mistress Haru. First off, let me say that the pictures on the site fail to do her justice. She is much cuter in the flesh. As the slave, Haru was very demure and quick to understand the direction I wanted to go to. She was the perfect little slavegirl who took spankings and canings very well and obeyed orders quickly. She also accepted her rewards in the form of M&Ms, which I hit the store in Midtown earlier that day. She also took hints very well. When the session neared the halfway point I lay on the mat and ordered her to massage me. Naturally, she obeyed and let it become a segue into Mistress Haru. As a domme, she was delightfully imperious and repaid what I did to her. She used a cane, her hand, rope bondage and a mocking wit on me. After the session, we hugged an she giggled about it, discussing what we did. I definitely had a delightful time and would happily switch with her again.

- JW

Even though I am not a youngster, I am a relative newcomer to the fetish scene. I’ve only had a few sessions (about five or so and all at the Fetish Fortress). Most of the sessions have been medically themed and I must say that all of the sessions have been great. When I was booking my last session, it was suggested that I try a double domme scene. I figured why not and it really had been a fantasy of mine to have two mistresses “examine” me. Boy, am I glad I did – the session was fantastic and I had a great time. Both of the Mistresses (Zhao and Haru) were both very attentive, respected my limits, and really had me wanting more. It was a great session and won’t be soon forgotten.

- "Patient" Steve