In Cold Blood…

Mistress Mina Jung will take you to places you’ve never been before, but have always wanted to visit. Her angelic face and soft voice will guide you through new depths of humiliation and pain.

She craves obedient men willing to shed all notions of control. Regardless of what she demands of you, Mistress Jung will have you convinced that it is what you deserve and what you need. Beyond submission, you will worship her. You will leave wanting nothing more than to be her loyal minion.

Ethnicity: Korean

Languages: English (no accent)

Height: 5’5″

Shoe Size: 7


The Fetish Fortress provides a variety of legal BDSM services. We provide no services whatsoever of a sexual nature. Please contact us for a list of available fetish role play scenarios.

Domina Rates:

Double-Domination: $248hr for one hour, $228hr for two or more hours.
Regular: $330hr for one hour, $305hr for two or more hours.
Dinner and Domination: $1100


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I am a long time visitor of the Fortress and I must commend Jessy for her professionalism and running it so well. Recently I had a session with Mistress Jung. I would highly recommend her. Although she is new to the Fortress she is very energetic and really gets into the session providing the scenario requested. She is very dominant but has a sweet side so she will connect with you and keep it within your tolerence level. In addition she is quite beautiful and has a sensuous playful friendly attitude.

- Jack

Having never experienced BDSM before I decided to give it a try. I based my decision on the Fetish Fortress website. From the outset, by email, they tried very hard to meet my wishes. Upon arrival they have an easy to follow procedure to get you ready for your session. The session was everything I could have hoped for. I had a double-domme session with Mistress Zhao and Mistress Jung. They dressed as requested in leather and boots. Besides being incredibly hot they were very funny and understanding. They didn’t make me do anything I didn’t want to do but were always ready with suggestions to maximize my pleasure. I was bound, prodded, flogged and teased to my complete satisfaction. No clock watching, no rushing. I may be have been their slave but I was treated like a king. These girls really knew what they were doing and they made me feel extremely comfortable. The facility is spotless and they have all the toys and apparatus you could hope for. If you’re thinking about doing this, this is the place to do it.

- R

Most reviews and comments here are about the (without doubt extremely impressing) Domme skills of the Fortress ladies. However, last week I had the pleasure of enjoying the other side of Ms Jung as I did a sub session with her. After a few seconds of trying to get myself together after beholding her beautiful appearance, I immediately noticed a sweet and captivating personality and a passion for making every session truly unique by really listening to the session requests. A skill that is fundamental for both Dommes and subs. I had a pretty specific script for the session, an interrogation scenario. She captured the essence of it right away and we could easily venture into the scene with a good understanding about both my expectations and her own limits as a sub. As the scene was a non-consensual scenario, it required a pretty high degree of acting and role playing. Ms Jung really got into it and played her role wonderfully, with passion and energy. I never thought it would be such hard work handling a girl half my size, I really must admire her struggling skills! However, the Fortress is equipped with an impressing collection of devices for restraining your victims, so I managed to get her where I wanted her. And have my way with her, courtesy of various floggers and an evil pin wheel... (No, I did not get the truth out of her during the interrogation, but that was according to the script, so it was part of the fun... )


It's difficult to know where to begin when describing Mistress Jung. First of all, she is heart-stoppingly beautiful, with a face and body to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained-glass window. Her presence is intoxicating. I felt elated and privileged to be with a woman of such beauty, grace, intelligence, sweetness and sheer class, and was her devoted slave within minutes of meeting her. About the session, I can only say that, even at the Fetish Fortress, I can't recall ever having a better one. Mistress Jung was so intelligent, intuitive and creative that she sensed exactly what I needed and gave me what may be the biggest adrenaline rush of my life so far. She is a truly wonderful person and if I lived in New York, I don't think I would be able to stop myself from seeing her every day - she truly is THAT amazing and addictive.

- Tamburlaine

I had a session on Friday with Mistress Jung, that was way above all the other sessions I had in my life! She really understood what I am looking for, she new how to do it, and during the session felt where the session should flow and did it. And above all I felt during the session that she really enjoyed letting me serve her. Thank you mistress Jung for the best session I have ever had.

- Lee

My session with Mistress Jung was outstanding. She exhibited all the right qualities a Mistress should have. She is quite beautiful and makes you feel secure. She carries herself as a Princess. The session started with her beating me then moved on to the use of sound equipment. She played them beautifully as if she was playing an instrument. Then she added electricity with the sounds slowly increasing the voltage to a very high point. She masterfully played me asking can you take more, I was out of my mind in pain and being grateful. Well all I can say is this was a great session. She will easily be a star for the Fortress. I can not wait to session with her again.

- Spockme

I had a two hour Double Domination session with Mistresses Jung and Zhao. I like to experiment and push my limits without the “Yes Mistress” stuff and Jung and Zhao were perfectly willing to play along with that. I requested that they wear the outfits from Zhao’s slumber party photo array. It was a great choice! I prefer CFNM sessions and having those two smoking hot Asian ladies so scantily clad and knowing I couldn’t have them was almost a session in itself. We started off with some friendly chit chat and quickly got to business. To say it was an intense experience wouldn’t do it justice. It was a fantastic time and I will definitely do it again. I’m torn between sticking with Mistresses Jung and Zhao and wanting to experience the other players at the Fortress. FYI, I wasn’t sore at all the next day. Which I attribute to these ladies professionalism, mastery of their craft, and level of care to the well being of their subs.

- M

I have had two four hour sessions in the last couple of weeks with Mistress Jung. She is so special, her beauty, skills in giving pain and mostly her sensuality are captivating. MJ has the ability and understanding to make the success of her sessions to make your heart sing and your resistance is gone and you are totally open to her punishments and desires. Your sessions soar into deep passions and willingness to do anything she desires. Great sessions.

- SpockMe

I finally took a leap of faith last week and visited the Fortress. I gave a lot of thought to my first BDSM visit. I wanted a mistress who was experienced and who could guide me through the session. I was not disappointed and it was an experience I will never forget. If there was any benefit in waiting to experience the Fortress until now, it was to be initiated by the beautiful Mistress Jung, who is truly more beautiful than her photographs on the Fortress website. From the outset I was impressed by the professionalism I saw during my visit. From my first email I knew I was in good hands. They kindly answered all of my newbie questions and provided helpful suggestions. The Fortress location and layout inspires confidence. All-in-all I wanted a session that I could remember during my boring brainstorming meetings back at the office and while shopping at the grocery store late at night in the suburbs. As the old saw goes, I guess I should have been careful what I wished for because I got all that and more. I read one of Mistress Kang's interviews awhile back where she said that her goal was retention of customers. Mistress Kang, consider me retained. I can hardly wait for a return visit.

- SuburbanGuy

After years of fantasizing about a S&M, I came across the FF web site. I just completed a business trip to NYC & finally booked my 1st ever session with Mistress Jung. She is a goddess--her beauty far surpasses any of her online photos. I really wasnt sure what all would happen but was pleasantly surprised that Mistress Jung gave me a full throttle experience. Wow, what an introduction to the Fetish Fortress. I hope to be back in NYC in 6 mos for another session with M.Jung. Your slut misses your amazing body & smile.

- LubeMe

I have been a fan of The Fortress website for some time, and recently had the opportunity to travel to NYC and experience it first hand. I chose Mistress Jung for a humiliation session, and was totally overwhelmed by the experience! Mistress Jung entered the room wearing a skimpy leather outfit and leather boots. She looked incredibly sexy, and yet very sweet! I was thinking, "How can a young lady who is this sweet, adorable, and just beautiful be a vicious Domme?" Then the session started, and Mistress Jung's demeanor changed to an icy cold attitude. Mistress Jung knows her trade, and obviously enjoys it. Just as important was her ability to mess with my mind! I would be on the floor curled up in pain, and then drooling over her beauty as she enticed me with her soft sweet voice and lithe body...then back in pain from another shot. This woman was INCREDIBLE! After just a few minutes, I knew I had made a great decision in choosing Mistress Jung for my first session at The Fortress! I cant wait to go back for another visit! If you have been "lurking" on this website like I was, you HAVE to take the next step, and schedule a session! I highly recommend Mistress Jung, you will NOT be disappointed!

- Bob

Recently I had the pleasure of a roleplay session with M. Jung. She was perfect in every way. Her demeanor is so easy going, friendly, and sweet that any initial pre-session butterflies I had disappeared. We did the roleplay and she was attentive in every way. She obviously read my emails and was intuitive to know exactly what I was looking for. I must say I had a blast being dominated and abused by her. Her style is high energy and fun with a sense of humor that is infectious. She is also absolutely adorable with the sexiest voice to match. Hearing her talk about all the dirty things she was going to do to me in that sexy voice was almost too much to handle. She was spectacular. It ended too fast. Afterward, as always it was a pleasure chatting with this sexy young woman. She really does have a beautiful, fun personality and is super sweet. The end of session hug was genuine and warm. I had a great time. Hope to see her again soon. Thank you so much.

- Sean

I had my first double-Domme session earlier this week, and I couldn’t have picked a better pair of Mistresses. My choices? Mistress Zhao—whom I have had sessions with previously, and Mistress Jung—my first time meeting her. Both ladies are wonderful—beautiful, fun, very sexy, creative, understanding, and very nice—simply the best. Mistress Zhao came in first, looking lovely as ever in a black G-string/heels, we talked a few minutes, she put me at ease. Then Mistress Jung came in—dressed in her Fishnet & Leather outfit, all smiles and looking beautiful. I like to provide a general, high level track to follow—and let the ladies fill in the blanks. I like surprises, and this approach enables the ladies to get creative in a spontaneous way—I think they enjoy this very much. The session went great, pacing was perfect, both Mistresses are very intuitive and sensuous—qualities I love. Both M Zhao & M Jung make you feel they aren’t doing a job, but rather the session is just three people having some fun! That’s the highest compliment I can give really. They help explore boundaries—and respect limits. I definitely would recommend either Mistress—together—or separate.


I recently had the pleasure of a session with Mistress Jung. I can't tell you how she constantly amazes me with her creative kinkyness and sexiness. I feel like when in session with her that she's reading my mind because she always says/does exactly what I love. For anyone visiting this site considering a visit, I think you can't go wrong. What a great place to explore with like-minded fun loving people.

- Sod018

Had a session with Mistress Jung recently and it was one of the best I've ever had. She was more beautiful than ever and by the time we finished, she had hit me so many times that I was speaking in tongues.

- WoffyBoy

I recently had a session with Mistress Tran and Mistress Jung. From the booking to the actual session I had an excellent experience with the Fetish fortress. It was my first time meeting with BDSM professionals, so I was a bit nervous about what to expect. Well, not only are Mistress Tran and Mistress Jung beautiful ladies they are also good at what they do. Not only did both ladies personalize my session towards my interests they also threw in a few surprises as well. Tran and Jung showed a keen ability of sensing my limits. During the session my limits were pushed, but always pushed within reason. I am confident that the Mistresses are able to personalize any session from mild to extreme. I highly recommend FF. I know I intend to return again.

- Ftnip

I've attempted S&M with girlfriends but knew it was not the real deal. After hearing all the craze and popularity of BDSM, decided to have a real BDSM experience. I Just had my first session with Mistress Mina Jung and I'm so glad she christened me. To be honest, I was nervous as I entered the Fortress, but as soon as I met Mistress Jung she made me feel at ease. I felt comfortable, willing, and able to do whatever she wanted me to do. After our session, this experience left me even more curious and wanting more.

- D

I recently enjoyed my first session of this sort, with the fantastic Mistress Jung, and I can't speak highly enough of the experience. Being completely new, I was incredibly nervous. However, upon meeting Mistress Jung, I was immediately put at ease. She arrived (and is even more stunning than I could have anticipated) and we discussed what I had done before (nothing) and what I would be willing to try (open-minded - best decision ever). The result was a mind blowing two hours in which I experienced a mix of things I had wanted to try for a long time, things I hadn't realized I wanted to try, and things I had never heard of (but truly enjoyed). The session really helped me figure out what I liked, explore my limits and open my mind. A few other points to be mentioned (more boring, but maybe relevant to some) are: i) the service (while booking, on arrival, and after) was very friendly and extremely professional making the whole experience easier for novices like myself, and ii) the facilities are discreet, safe, and incredibly clean. In conclusion, I would highly recommend, I am so glad I took the plunge and gave it a go - and definitely look forward to returning.

- Sub-Zero

I knew even before I met her for the first time that Mistress Jung was beautiful. Unbelievably, she was far more sexy and gorgeous in person than in her photos. Her entire body is perfect. I would not wish for even the slightest change. Her skin is smooth as porcelain. Evidently her luscious body has never seen even as much as a pimple, as it is flawless, and utterly without blemish. So fresh and perfectly-groomed, Mistress Jung is a goddess that a slave wants to experience with all five senses. Visually, she is beyond hot! Her voice is soft and she never needs to raise it, as the slightest wish uttered is one the slave wants to carry out as quickly as he can. Her scent is sweet. Her skin to the touch is like silk. She is sweet and kinky—and perfect: the total package. I could go on and on but to bring this review to a close I want to express my appreciation also with how Mistress Jung seemed to be caring even as she was dominating me. She is sweet, precious, and uber-hot! All in all, she is a fantasy come to life, and I hope to worship her often in the days ahead.

- Voyage