The Happy Domme…

Mistress Jessy Kang is a different kind of domme, rather than wearing a bored scowl, when she dominates her true nature and the pleasure she takes imposing her will on others is clearly apparent. She will tease a submissive with her considerable endowments, then with almost sickening brutality proceed to punish him for the slightest glance. Her restraint technique is cruel, frequently leaving a single arm or leg free, then mocking them as they pathetically drag themselves along the floor at the end of her leash.

With word or whip she gleefully takes her pleasure from her victim, finding great sport in forcing him to show his devotion to her by being a willing participant in his own degradation. His pathetic attempt to find a less painful angle to receive her strokes are easily thwarted as Mistress Kang’s powerful body, made hard by years of crushing men beneath her feet, easily pins him in place. Later her giggles echo though the playroom; playing counterpoint to his pleas for mercy and whimpering assessment of his shattered body. Mistress Kang’s subs quickly learn that they are simply objects that exist only for her pleasure. Every session is a new test and an experience to be remembered.

Ethnicity: Chinese

Languages: Cantonese, English (no accent)

Height: 5’8″; without heels

Bust: 34F

Shoe Size: 7


The Fetish Fortress provides a variety of legal BDSM services. We provide no services whatsoever of a sexual nature. Please contact us for a list of available fetish role play scenarios.

Domina Rates:

Double-Domination: $340hr for one hour, $320hr for two or more hours.
Regular: $450hr for one hour, $425hr for two or more hours.
Dinner and Domination: $1600.

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Just sessioned with Jessy yesterday, she looks much, much better than the pictures, and she had the amazing (perfect) body everybody would die! I was tied in a position I've dreamed about (I've never known how it could be done until yesterday). It was the most wonderful session I ever had. I had to take some Tylenol last before going to bed!

- alan439

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- TER Review by NYCFREAK:

Recently, Mistresses Kang and Vu initiated me into the Fortress Experience. As if to underscore I'd entered a different realm, I was instructed to enter the Pink Room, where I was soon joined by Mistress Vu and Mistress Kang, suddenly, I was in the thrall of two powerful women who were soon the Boss(es) of me. They had a great rhythm working together, keeping each other amused and me off balance and never knowing what was coming next. Mistress Vu has a quality that makes you reluctant to disappoint her. I was busy doing my best to stay on her good side. If one was talking to me, telling me how I could make her evening, the other was quietly restraining me before I could do so, and then, well... Two hours passed in what seemed like five minutes. The highest compliment I can provide about the "Fortress Experience" was how interesting, fun and often funny the conversation was, even as I was put into compromising positions and pushed beyond what I thought were my limits. Mistresses Vu and Kang are truly experts at what they do. Even on my way out, I was brainstorming how quickly I could return to NYC and have another session. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention what a pleasant, professional experience it was setting up my appointment...I felt well treated in planning my visit, and the facilities were top notch.

- Irishson69

- TER Review by Soulfold

I had been fortunate enough to arrange one of the Fortress’s famous Dinner and Domination sessions with Mistress Jessy Kang, Head Mistress, Owner, and an intelligent and successful Manhattan businesswoman. I won’t bore you with a play by play of my training session. You need to experience Goddess Kang for yourself. Just do it. If you can’t afford the trip, start saving, get a second job, sell your car, brown bag your lunch, and take a loan – just do it. It’s what we worn born for and once you are in Her presence, you will feel that truth with every fiber in your slave being. Of course this was a “D & D” session and I had much more of the evening to look forward to with my beautiful Mistress. Ms. Jessy is a naturally skilled conversationalist and asks questions with a refreshing spirit of genuine interest and desire to learn more about Her dinner companion and any subject of discussion. She was not just an angel, She was Mistress Jessy Kang, and I had pleased Her. The entire evening was perfect, and each day I work on my plan to return to NYC to further my education at the hands of the World’s best. Thank You, Mistress Kang!

- Kang-inated

I spent an evening auditioning at the Kang-Tran Academy for Circus Hopefuls. Among the many things I learned is that Mistress Kang and Mistress Tran are keen assessors of one’s potential. They immediately prepared me for an audition for sideshow freak. It was the smart call. I soon found myself in a sparkly silver bra, stretchy thigh-highs, flouncy bloomers, and pink go-go boots. At one point I informed Mistress Tran that my body was my meal ticket. “Oh,” she replied, “you must be starving!” For those who haven’t had the pleasure, Mistress Kang is a Warhol print come to life: vivid, colorful, iconic, vibrant, and exuberant—sensory overload to the max, and a delightful conversationalist. Mistress Tran is a delicate sketch of a diva done with the finest stylus and sensuous ink. This Angel of No-Mercy possesses a beautiful smile that gleefully emerges when she is enjoying herself. I hope to provide the two of them with much enjoyment in the future. Once again, the Fortress filled my night and memories with delights, and, as previously mentioned, that is a precious thing to be treasured.

- John082

I don't usually session, but it's Christmas time so I decided to treat myself to a big gift. So I scheduled a session with Mistress Kang and Mistress Sunya. Mistress Kang welcomed me in the steel room. She is amazingly hot. She went over a few things about my session. Slightly bent over a table her beautiful bottom just hypnotised me. She was also so friendly. So I had made a couple requests some things I was curious about. Well Curiousity killed the cat, so Mistress Sunya and Mistress Kang really did their best to make that come true. They had me tied to the table with my head slightly hanging off, helpless and unable to stop them if I had wanted and the beautiful Mistress Sonya was whispering nice things in my ear. teasing me...leaning down so close, showing me her beautiful lips, asking me if I wanted to kiss her. When I replied yes, she responded "I bet you do." Very erotic. They both laughed as I cried out occasionally. When the session was over, my legs were weak from straining against the ropes. The next day, I had a smile and the memories of two very sweet and angelic looking Mistresses giving me a lesson in big gifts I won't soon forget.

- Jack

Last Friday I've had my first time at the Fortress with Mistress Kang. What a wonderful time! I was very nervous about it because after a few reschedules (my fault) I scheduled the session to the end of the day. We started talking about my previous experience and then what were my expectations to the session. Mistress Kang was so kind and made me fell so comfortable that all the further pain, slaps, and electro shocks were definitely a big joy. Can't wait for my next time in New York to see her again and maybe meet the other ladies of the Fortress, wonderful place!

- TylerD88

The Fortress radiates intelligence. It has everything a discreet visitor could want—professional booking, tight security, strict attention to privacy, careful attention to desires, unbounded imagination, and sublimely skilled practitioners—all proof positive of intelligent design. The cosmic source of this brilliance: Mistress Kang. Mistress Kang possesses consummate expertise in rope-work and the other implements of her vocation; however, aside from her intellect, the most potent weapon at her disposal is her precious mouth. She giggles, she threatens, she cajoles—she rules. I redden; she smiles. I writhe; she smiles. I groan; she smiles. Her smile is captivating, and I found myself enduring ANYTHING to evoke it. And therein lies her wizardry.

- John082

I brought my fiance here to celebrate our pre nuptials. He has hinted before that he liked to be dominated and with more than one girl. I heard about Fortress and started to write them and thought that the communication exchange was extremely discreet and professional. Next steps was to reserve a date, time and select two of our favorite girls, based on their experience working with couples and of course their beauty. We chose Mistress Kang and Mistress Sunya and my goodness, they both were a vision. Both mistresses were professional and extremely personable off the bat. Mistress Kang is highly creative and has a great sense of humor, which made it so much more interesting and fun. Mistress Sunya was also playful, friendly and sweet and played really well together with Mistress Kang. All three of us engaged in a full hour of dominating fiance. He was in a state between disbelief and heaven. I want to thank Mistress Kang especially for knowing how to make myself and my fiance feel so at ease. I had such a fun and riveting experience that I'm excited to visit again... of course I'd bring my fiance back again. :o)

- Mistress A

I recently had with Mistress Kang in November. I was stunned by how professional the whole experience was. From original contact to the actual session. The session was mind blowing! I will be your slave forever and hope to be able to come back to serve you once again. Thank you.

- Slave JJ

The Fetish Fortress more than lived up to all the reviews I read before booking a session. Whether by email, telephone or intercom at their location, the support staff are friendly, welcoming and reassuring. If you are new to this type of experience, that is huge. I booked a session with Mistresses Kang and Tran. Both are even more beautiful than their photographs convey. Our playroom was well-equipped and private. The Mistresses used the perfect combination of playfulness, sensuality and roughness. I had given them some prior information about what I sought to experience, and they did not disappoint in the least. Their attire, manner and technique all showed that they had taken the time to learn about my desires, which they fulfilled with just enough surprise and variation to keep me deliciously off balance. At the end of our session the Ladies took time to have a very pleasant and friendly conversation with me. That was a nice transition back to the real world. I recommend them without reservation and I look forward to playing again.

- Anonymous

Last week I had the honor to meet mistress Kang for the first time had to take a minute to post this as she was amazing!!! Something out of this world!! First and foremost I gotta say her pics don’t do justice (when you have a chance to meet her you will understand). I’m new to this and this was my first session, naturally I was abit tense and nervous wasn’t sure what I wanted and what my limits were, Before the session began she gave her time and she listened to me and me feel at ease. But once the session was on it was like being in another world she is GREAT at what she does, she totally takes control and you automatically belong to her.

- Marker1

Yesterday was the most cherished day of my life. As soon as I entered I knew I was in heaven. The best part about the session was to see her statuesque beauty in a school girl outfit which commanded respect and submission. She looks much, much better than her pictures and has perfect body anyone would die for. I am a little smarter than others so I would rather live for that body wink I enjoyed being dressed me up as her sissy and made to walk in high heels... It was interesting, and fun as I was pushed beyond what I thought were my limits. I loved her laugh and the way she brainwashed me and the session gave me my best lifetime experience. Not even half of the session went by when I knew I would be coming back soon to see her again. I could write for days and it still wouldn't be enough. It was the most wonderful session and I can't wait for what comes next - that's a sign of a true Goddess.

- P

Just had a fantastic session with Head Mistress Kang. I have a very specific fetish which Mistress Kang was able to satisfy as very few have done before.

- Dorei