Mistress Katz

By Hook Or By Crook

Introducing Mistress Sophia Katz! The Fetish Fortress’s first non-Asian Player is truly an exceptional addition to our Sisterhood of Domination. This Germanic beauty will show you the true meaning of submission as you bow down and cater to her every desire.

While Sophia can on occasion be considerate of her submissive’s needs, little can hide that sadistic streak that runs strong just beneath the surface demanding prompt obedience.

Are you ready to submit your worthless self into her capable hands? Are you ready to be her toy, her experiment, her servant, her absolute slave? Think carefully before you decide for she will truly test your worthiness to serve!

Ethnicity : German

Languages : English

Height: 5’3″

Shoe Size : 5.5


The Fetish Fortress provides a variety of legal BDSM services. We provide no services whatsoever of a sexual nature. Please contact us for a list of available fetish role play scenarios.

Domina Rates:

Double-Domination: $248hr for one hour, $228hr for two or more hours.
Regular: $330hr for one hour, $305hr for two or more hours.
Dinner and Domination: $1100

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My session with Mistress Katz was unbelievable. I would definitely have another session with her again in the near future.

- Thomas Bella

I strongly recommend booking a session with Mistress Sophia Katz. Having spent memorable times with Mistresses, Kang, Tran and Rey in the past, I was very curious when I spotted Mistress Katz on the Fortress website. I was not disappointed. My expectations were exceeded and I was superbly humiliated both verbally and physically. The session had a cuckold theme which I always enjoy. Mistress Katz was able to read me and was particularly good at the verbal humiliation and cuckolding theme that I laid out. She figured out how to push my buttons and had me begging for more. The session was overall, excellent! One of my best. Consider yourselves lucky if she takes an appointment with you.

- Jerry

As it was my very first time, I did not really know what to expect. Although I did not request the pink room, that is exactly what I had envisioned in my mind and what I got: amazing indeed. The moment Mistress Katz entered into the room I couldn't help but to be aroused by her youthfulness and beauty: a curvy, tender body in perfect shape; smooth, silky and warm skin; a face with perfect features. Her long, silky, shiny and 100% natural head of hair just topped her sex appeal and beauty. During the session, every single thing we did made me tremble with emotion, anticipation and excitement. It was really a deep experience. I'm not sure exactly what the highest high in this is; but I guess the only way to find out, as anything else in life, is trying different experiences until the way is found.


I had the pleasure of sessioning at the Fortress for the first time with Mistress Katz. She is a beautiful, petite, and sexy Mistress who is firm but caring. My only only disappointment with my experience is that I was unable to have a much longer session with Mistress Katz. The next time I visit, I will surely request a session of at least 2 or 3 hours with Mistress Katz, actually I would prefer even longer but, I am not sure that I would be able to handle it! I have been to many other dungeons and independent Mistresses throughout the country and can say, without a doubt, that the Fortress, especially Mistress Katz is, by far, provides the best dungeon experience I have ever had. I highly recommend the Fortress to all those who have never visited and especially, Mistress Katz.

- Submissive One

A wonderful first session with Mistress Sophia Katz. She is passionate, intense and totally in control. She takes charge right at the outset and uses her skills and her body to full advantage.

- PS

"My session with the gorgeous Mistress Katz was incredible She's incredibly intuitive and exceeded all expectations. I'd highly recommend seeing her. I will definitely do so again."

- S

I had a 3 hour double Domme session with Mistress Katz and Mistress Zito. One of the most intense experiences of my life with two wonderful and naturally dominant Ladies. Especially Mistress Katz in looks, personality and natural dominance in an absolute league of Her own. I shall surely return!

- Max

Mistress Katz was very professional, and she came prepared for the kinks I mentioned. She was very friendly and kind as she could tell I was new, and treated my lack of experience very well; she always made sure I was comfortable with anything we did. If you want to push your limits I'm sure she would be willing to accommodate. I can't think of any complaints about my experience with her or FortressNYC.

- K

Had a great time with her, very creative and sexy. I will come back to see her again!

- Arthur

This was my first time at the Fortress and from the moment I walked in it was like no other experience I've had. I typically like to give some basic parameters of what I do and don't like, and let the mistress take it from there. Mistress Katz did just that. Aside from being beautiful and the perfect mix of sadistic yet playful, she dictated the flow of the session and provided some happy surprises that I've never experienced before. By the time it was over it took me a little while to come down from the high. Afterwards she was extremely kind and supportive. She seemed to genuinely enjoy herself throughout the session. I will definitely be back.

- B

Mistress Katz was an amazing introduction to playing with a Domme. Her playful attitude and experienced hands got us straight into a session full of excitement, fun, and plenty of kink. Mistress Katz was very creative with her demands and kept me guessing what sorts of pleasure or pain might come next. While my mind could never keep up, it was always a thrill to be under her control. The Fortress is also very well equipped and I appreciated the thought that went into maintaining privacy and building an immersive environment once I stepped through the door. I loved every moment of my time at the Fortress and with Mistress Katz and can't wait to visit again!

- Anonymous

I can only describe my session with Mistress Katz as exquisite and decadent. Don't underestimate her brilliance and creativity by her youthful beauty, perfect skin and long beautiful hair. She exceeded my expectations with my very specific clothing request which she wore (my fetish). I will most definitely be specially requesting Her in future. Thank you Mistress for a thrashing good time. My butt is still sensitive when sitting down on a hard surface which reminds me of you and the lesson you gave me.

- John

Mistress Katz was incredible for my first session with a professional dominatrix! I was surprised at how petite she is, but don't let her size fool you -- she punished me thoroughly and left me sore in the best kind of way. I can't wait for another opportunity to worship her smooth body and accept whatever tortures she has in store for me...

- S.N.

I recently had the privilege of a session with Mistress Katz and it proved to be an unforgettable experience. Mistress Katz was extremely professional, safe and was very sensitive to my requests and concerns for our session. She immediately put me at ease and exceeded all my expectations. I am greatly looking forward to another booking with her and highly recommend her. She has mastered her craft and that is evident in the way she handles herself and conducts her sessions. A simply terrific experience.

- Cameron

I feel compelled to write about the best experience with Mistress Katz. If you are searching for brains, beauty, discipline, creativity, and awesomeness then go have a session with her. She loves corporal, and has the diversity of skills for many things, and is experienced in implements such as crops, floggers, paddles, short whips and canes. I got to feel them all in a safe and strict manner. All was great and can't wait to serve again.

- Jimsub

I have met Ms. Sophie Katz for a 2-hour session at the Fortress. She is absolutely fantastic!! In person she is even more attractive than in the pictures - there is something in her eyes and in her personality that really fills the room when she is there. Ms Katz is caring, ironic, sweet, but can turn into a ruthless domme, and this always with her fantastic smile on. I have found her a clever, intriguing, supersexy guide on my path to fetish play. Definitely will book another meeting with her and look forward serving her, discovering new ways on how to please her. Praise be given also to the Fortress premises, clean, safe, friendly environment. Best of the best for me!

- Anonymous

"I recently had the opportunity to session with Mistress Katz. I will start by letting you know how beautiful she is. The combination of her long brunette hair and expressive eyes made me so glad that I had scheduled a two hour session with her. During the session, she genuinely enjoyed humiliating me, and I can still hear her delightful laughter as she graciously granted those session requests she deemed appropriate. I highly recommend her to anyone, as I am sure that she can take your session interests and create a most memorable experience."

- LV