Mistress Kim

Lean, Mean, Asskicking Korean

Mistress Kim (김) is one of the more cruel and demanding Fortress Mistresses. A former college athlete and fitness competitor, she possesses lightening fast reflexes and her slim body is sheathed in lean, whipcord muscle. She uses this physical prowess to control and dominate her slaves, crushing them between her rock hard thighs or squeezing and twisting with her vise like grip. She is extremely sensual, taking delight in teasing and punishing in turn, building momentum while keeping her slaves emotionally off balance and helpless. Mistress Kim is not to a Player to be taken lightly.

Ethnicity: Korean

Languages: English (no accent

Height: 5’3″

Shoe Size: 6.5


The Fetish Fortress provides a variety of legal BDSM services. We provide no services whatsoever of a sexual nature. Please contact us for a list of available fetish role play scenario



Domina Rates:

Double-Domination: $150hr for one hour, $138hr for two or more hours
Pre-Booking Rate: $170hr*
Regular: $200hr for one hour, $185hr for two or more hours
Dinner and Domination: $650

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Mistress Kim's method was a little different, leaving just a few excellent bullwhip strokes (not to be forgotten) under the armpits and near the nipples (on both sides!). Then maybe She wanted to keep me yearning. She went on to other things, like using the leather snapper from Your rack to blister my nipples and stomach, sometimes while She was sitting on top of me (very pleasurable) and locking my rubber boots down with Her ankles. At one point as She was walking around me, She asked if i was warmed up. i liked that. Then She laid 5 strokes on each nipple hard. Oh yes, She had me screaming. This morning i looked at my welts. They were very pretty and distinct. The nipple area is streaked and puffy, and there are two red bullwhip lashes under my armpit.

- Thank You, Mistress Kim.

Mistress Kim was perfect! Firstly, I never got the sense that she was "on the clock", for there was no doubt in my mind that she LOVES what she does, and was just as excited as I was about the prospect of an evening of torture; this of course was the ultimate turn-on for me. She is an incredible mixture of sadistic perversity and sensuality and my time with her was unforgettable. It was as if, without even having to tell her, she was able able to read exactly which buttons to push (and which to PULL, for that manner). And of course, she was beautiful, intelligent and articulate.

- -P

I had an amazing session with Mistress Kim. Based on her photos, I thought she was very nice looking, but she is actually more beautiful in person. She also seemed to know exactly what I wanted. My once complaint is that the time went by entirely too fast. I will definitely be back.

- Jacob

Thank you again for the fantastic session this Saturday morning. I could hardly walk and chew bubble gum for hours. Each session we do gets better and better. I'm glad you like your "Made in Vietnam" Beatings Will Continue shirt. Now my job is to incorporate your favorite color "pink" (so undom) into my next gift to you. I will e- mail Jessy when my wounds heal. (Just kidding! grin)

- Respectfully, Neal

My visit was an unforgettable one, and I will absolutely be back soon for more. My session was a 2 on 1 with Mistresses Kang and Kim was a most pleasurable experience for me. ...Mistress Kim is captivating, as I think I fell in love with her at first sight. She is that beautiful! She is a sweetheart and an Angel if there ever was one. She is charming, cunning, and oh so sexy! Looking so hot in her schoolgirl outfit, she knew just how to tickle me and to have me literally squirming all over the floor. Yet, I'm not sure who had the most fun, whether it was me, her, or Mistress Kang. Mistress Kim is a lovely young girl who I am hoping will be in this business for a long time to come. In my 2 on 1 session, Mistresses Kang and Kim complimented each other so perfectly that it was scary. In our fantasy role play, Kim played the part of my stepdaughter while Kang played the part of her influential best friend. Needless to say, that influence caused me to be put in to many compromising predicaments, and I loved it. I will do another 2 on 1 session with both mistresses Kang and Kim within the near future. I'd be stupid not to. I love them both because they are both sincere, caring, and they both offer two absolutely gorgeous ladies that I am honored to have met.

- Michael