Mistress Koi

Sweet like Honey…

With her doll-like face and sweet disposition, Mistress Koi will have you reminiscent of the girl-next-door you always had a crush on (and secretly wanted to be dominated by). Make no mistake, this Domina is far from innocent and will enjoy every tormenting moment teasing you with a mirthful smile on her face. The human representation of Kill Them With Kindness, this unconventional Domina is the perfect combination of cute and sexy.

Mistress Koi’s sweet voice and giggles will have you wrapped around her little finger as you slowly melt into a puddle of submission. You’ll find yourself doing things you never thought of just to see the sparkle in her big brown eyes. She loves playing with her pets, even more when they’re obedient and eager to please. Prove to her just how much you’re willing to take to make her happy and who knows, you may even get a treat.

Ethnicity : Thai

Languages : English (no accent), Thai (fluent)

Height: 5’2″

Shoe Size : 5


The Fetish Fortress provides a variety of legal BDSM services. We provide no services whatsoever of a sexual nature. Please contact us for a list of available fetish role play scenarios.

Domina Rates:

Double-Domination: $210hr for one hour, $195hr for two or more hours.
Regular: $280hr for one hour, $260hr for two or more hours.
Dinner and Domination: $950

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Yesterday I had a one hour session with Mistress Koi. She is incredibly beautiful beyond words.....her pictures do not even do her any justice to her beauty!!!!! The session was great and she played some fun dice games with me, which allowed her to attend to every fetish that I enjoy and ones she seemed to enjoy as well (especially the golden all over my face and hair!). I look forward to returning for another session with this incredibly gorgeous Mistress in the future!

- Robbacard2

I was lucky enough to experience my first session with Mistress Koi on Friday. Let me tell you it was an experience for the ages. First of all, she is absolutely stunning! I was surprised she was much prettier than her pictures let on, if that was even possible. We started the session with myself on all fours licking her wonderful black heels, to make sure they where nice and clean. She then explained to me how she loved to play games, and proceeded to grab a dice from the dresser. That is where the fun began lol. It was a truly fun and amazing experience and look forward to sessioning with her in the very near future!

- Mister V

Last night I had my virst visit with Mistress Zhao and Mistress Koi. I can't even begin to explain how great it was. Both Mistresses were very attentive to what my expectations and fantasies were when we began the session. I have to say they did a beautiful job fulfilling all that I wanted and more and both were beyond beautiful. I was so sad when the time was up, it flew by. I will definetly be back again!

- Cabogal

I had anticipated my visit for a long time and the night before my visit I hardly slept in anticipation of what may happen. I had arranged a double dom session with Mistress Tran and Mistress Koi. My first pleasant surprise was just how beautiful they both were...and then how friendly they were too, which soon made me relax (I was very nervous). Once the session started I was so quickly into it as I was bound, teased and toyed with. Mistress Tran is so perceptive and knowledgeable she made me feel comfortable in the knowledge that she was in control. Mistress Koi is a masterful teaser and tormentor and together they had me gasping for breath as the one gave me pleasure and the other dished out some pain. The session only got better when Mistress Fei joined in. For the next hour I was gradually pushed to my limit and had to plead for mercy which was eventually granted. I don`t know how to improve on the session but I will be going back!!

- Stephen

I recently a very special session with Mistress Koi. It was my first time visiting the Fortress, though I had a good opinion coming in due to the reviews others had posted. I was a bit overwhelmed by the security measures, but Mistress Koi removed all of my worries when she walked in and talked over the session with me. She's gorgeous, and an absolute sweetheart, but don't let that give you the impression that she's soft in a session! She had fun humiliating me physically and verbally, leading me around like a dog, using me as her human toilet, and even using my body as a canvas. It was an intense, but very fun session. Facilities were clean, location was extremely convenient, and I highly recommend Mistress Koi.

- K

The first thing I have to say about Mistress Koi is that she is stunningly attractive both in looks and personality. While I am not that experienced I can definitely say it was my best experience yet. Lots of spanking and we even tried a few new things- she seemed to immediately understand what I was looking for and we communicated well throughout the session. She was very easy to talk with and I liked the way she stayed around at the end just to chat. I really felt very comfortable with her and definitely will be back!

- Craic

This was my first session with Mistress Koi. I selected a schoolgirl bully scenario wherein i was Her gym teacher and i kept Her after school for picking on a boy during class. Mistress Koi looked and played the part of the consummate, sexy school girl - Her sweet, innocent face concealing cruel, sadistic intent. Schoolgirl Koi immediately got me under Her thumb with Her seductive sensuality. Before i knew what was happening i found myself seated before Her, wilting beneath Her beautiful, malevolent stare. I will never forget the lesson that followed: the brutality of Her face slaps, the drenching humiliation of Her saliva dripping down my face, the hypnotic lilt of Her cute, girly voice constantly commanding my obedience, the erotic helplessness i felt as She wrestled me, the dig of Her razor sharp fingernails tearing my flesh to shreds, the scorpion sting of Her pastel whip… I could go on and on singing Mistress Koi's praises, but would recommend that you worship Her in person.

- Crucified Clergyman

For my first session I decided on a two-hour double domme session with Mistress Zhao and Mistress Koi. They are every bit as beautiful as in their very well done portfolios. I liked them both as mistresses and as people. They made a great team. Mistress Koi is quite a tease with looks and a smile that could seduce me into anything - but she is also a piece of work when she uses her implements. The equally beautiful Mistress Zhao manages to be easy going yet command an air of strictness and authority at the same time. She does not need to rely on the stereotypes of a very formal Mistress and slave relationship. I provided them with a quite a bit of background and they designed the session perfectly along the preferences given and limits set. They managed to keep things playful and in a very relaxed atmosphere but still truly kept me on the edge and commanded natural authority. They really got into my head, pushed the envelope just at the right time and to the right amount and made me wish for more. At the end of a two-hour session I truly would have taken anything for them and I wished there was more time and less limits given that I wanted to avoid marks. Unlike many other mistresses I had been with they walked that line really well. They pushed a lot of my buttons and a day later I still feel the sensations when sitting – but no bruising at all.


I had my first visit to the Fortress this week and had a one hour session with Mistress Koi. The experience blew away my expectations, which were pretty high to begin with. As beautiful as she is in her pictures, you will be blown away upon meeting with her beauty and personality. She took the time to get to know what I like and dislike, and to ask if certain things she enjoys are OK. She really makes you feel comfortable. I recommend anyone who goes to see her to play the 'dice game'. This was definitely an amazing experience and can not wait for the next time I am in NYC to come visit the Fortress and Mistress Koi.

- SVS93

Recently had the pleasure of a student/teacher role play session with Mistress Koi and she was awesome! Her looks are a combination of schoolgirl cuteness and knockout sexiness The session flowed along wonderfully due to Mistress Koi's intuition and role play skills. She was super-accommodating and really made the session fun and memorable. She has this cute voice, and to hear her say all of these dirty things was a super turn-on, as well as a mindf*ck. I had a great time and it was an absolute pleasure to meet such a beautiful, dominant, sexy lady!

- SW

It is wonderful to be Mistress Koi’s plaything. Who knew someone so sweet could inflict so much pain? Mistress Koi is effortlessly and cheerfully dominant, which makes it all the easier to submit to her many charms—and all the more difficult to resist her will. In session I want nothing more than to please her, and she clearly gets genuine pleasure from trying out the different toys and techniques of torture found at the Fortress. At the beginning of our last session, as I kissed and rubbed her adorable feet, she proposed we try a few new things, and my nerves melted away. I’m ready to try just about anything if Mistress Koi wants me to. She’s attentive to limits, but it just feels so natural to explore beyond those limits when that’s what Mistress Koi wants. I came away from the session with a big smile, bruises and marks in surprising places, and expanded horizons (among other things!). I can’t wait to look up again into her big brown eyes!

- James

"Mistress Koi is incredible. Ridiculously beautiful, more so than her photos suggest, or much more so than you can possibly believe / imagine, and the session itself was wonderful. There is a real disconnect between Ms Koi's soothing voice and, as a charitable description, less than soothing actions that both relax and stress you, at the same time. But, without doubt, perfection. I was encouraged to try new things, but in a manner that left me feeling like it was either my choice (spoiler: it wasn't) or was the result of random chance (spoiler 2: with hindsight, i'm pretty sure it wasn't). Without giving too much away, we tried a few different things, but can be summarized to the fact that i was tied to the point where I couldn't move a single thing, yet felt liberated and freed. This particular session was the first anniversary of my first visit to the Fortress, but it was emblematic of everything that is great about this wonderful establishment: A jaw-dropping-ly attractive Mistresses, The nerves and anticipation before, and a mind-blowing session in an environment where you feel totally safe - i'm not sure what more you could possibly ask for?!"

- M.O.H.

Visited Mistress Koi last week and had a memorable time. She is very kind hearted and sexy. I didn't have a plan so at the beginning of the session we talked a lot and I guess it was enough for her to plan the session. Just like with Mistress Fei, I felt immediately comfortable with Mistress Koi even with my legs sticking up in the air on my back! Her website pictures are fun to see. Hearing her voice and being up close with her is even better. I couldn't get enough of her playing with me... Can't wait to visit again.

- Henry

Mistress Koi was great - real sweet lady who is definitely a head turner. I'm a newbie to the scene and she took great care of me. We discussed my limits and boundaries and she took me right to the edge and knew instinctively how much I can take. It was more of a sensual domme session and I loved every minute of it. That nurse outfit (!) on her will be something I will always remember as well as her caring but quite firm demeanor. I can't wait to repeat.

- AK