Mistress Mei

Frosted Fish Hook Cupcake

Dolli Mei- arguably the most deceptive of the Fortress Sisterhood. Fearless as a submissive, cold and pitiless as a Dominatrix. It has been said that her adorable appearance is pure artifice, simply bait- a tool to lure gullible men to their doom. She submits only rarely, then stores the memory like a battery stores power- allowing it’s lethal current to crash through her whimpering slave’s shattered nervous system in ruthless payback. Mistress Mei’s innocent appearance belies her near insatiable appetite for all forms of BDSM play. While she enjoys those who humiliate themselves and submit voluntarily, she has no problem with taking them against their will, and turning them into groveling tools of worship.

Ethnicity : Chinese

Languages : Mandarin, English (accented)

Height : 5’2″

Shoe Size : 5.5