Mistress Shankar

Submission Explorer

Mistress Shankar embodies unabashed feminine power; unafraid of Her own darkest desires, She will take you to the limits of your own. Beneath her elegant and gracious exterior lies a deep sadistic streak that relishes in male pain, humiliation, and ultimate submission. Whoever you have to be outside the bounds of Her intoxicating gaze will evaporate once exposed to the quiet, white-hot heat of her natural dominance. Your pain is Her pleasure, and your destruction at Her hands is a cleansing one: stripped of the pretensions you have to maintain in other areas of life, She will lay you bare, exposed, and vulnerable – as you are at your purest, beholden to Her every cruel whim and desire.

Ethnicity : British Indian

Languages : English (no accent)

Height: 5’6″

Shoe Size : 9


It's been almost 2 years since I've been to Fortress NYC and decided to try a session with Mistress Shankar. It was an incredible experience. I tend to center most of my fetishes around humiliation play and Mistress Shankar had the perfect look and style to take the session exactly where I was hoping it would go. She is incredibly intuitive and within minutes figured me out which immediately builds the connection. Mistress Shankar brings a mix of elegance, harshness and sexiness to the dynamic that had me on my knees and staring into her beautiful dark eyes. She pushed all my buttons and more taking my limits to new boundaries and exploring sensations I haven't felt before. A mix of verbal humiliation combined with a demand to please her had me melting and eventually into sub space where all that mattered was her pleasure. It was an honor to submit to her, expose my core and have her push each part of me. At the end she left me with a temporary tattoo marking me as her property and a token of this incredible experience.

- Anonymous