Mistress Sunya

A Painful Touch…

Mistress Faye Sunya comes to New York City with high expectations. Sophisticated, manipulative, and controlling, she is used to getting what she wants, and she demands utter obedience from her slaves. Tall, with a classic hourglass figure, medium long black hair, and deep brown eyes, she might look like she stepped out of a fantasy – but you underestimate her at your own peril.

She’ll be towering over you, her sweet nature undercut by her sudden, sharp brutality. Already adept at inflicting pain and humiliation, her intense sessions will leave you absolutely breathless. Be prepared to devote yourself to her every whim as she imposes her will upon you.

Ethnicity : Thai-Chinese, German

Languages : English (no accent), Fluent German, Conversational Thai, Conversational French

Height: 6’0″

Shoe Size : 11


Just had the pleasure of spending two hours with the sexy Mistress Sunya. Her pics are beautiful as you all know , but seeing her live and in the flesh is an even greater thrill!!! The session was excellent and she was so much fun to serve. Her feet are so soft and beautiful, legs long and shapely, her body is like a sexy hourglass and her beautiful face!!! Worshipping her sexy feet and looking into her beautiful brown eyes and sexy smiling face is a memory I wish to keep. And like all the other Fortress Mistresses ( why the place is the best ) her personality is that of a champ. What a pleasant beautiful person. I must give full props!!!

- Sod018

I don't usually session, but it's Christmas time so I decided to treat myself to a big gift. So I scheduled a session with Mistress Kang and Mistress Sunya. Mistress Kang welcomed me in the steel room. She is amazingly hot. She went over a few things about my session. Slightly bent over a table her beautiful bottom just hypnotised me. She was also so friendly. So I had made a couple requests some things I was curious about. Well Curiousity killed the cat, so Mistress Sunya and Mistress Kang really did their best to make that come true. They had me tied to the table with my head slightly hanging off, helpless and unable to stop them if I had wanted and the beautiful Mistress Sonya was whispering nice things in my ear. teasing me...leaning down so close, showing me her beautiful lips, asking me if I wanted to kiss her. When I replied yes, she responded "I bet you do." Very erotic. They both laughed as I cried out occasionally. When the session was over, my legs were weak from straining against the ropes. The next day, I had a smile and the memories of two very sweet and angelic looking Mistresses giving me a lesson in big gifts I won't soon forget.

- Jack

I brought my fiance here to celebrate our pre nuptials. He has hinted before that he liked to be dominated and with more than one girl. I heard about Fortress and started to write them and thought that the communication exchange was extremely discreet and professional. Next steps was to reserve a date, time and select two of our favorite girls, based on their experience working with couples and of course their beauty. We chose Mistress Kang and Mistress Sunya and my goodness, they both were a vision. Both mistresses were professional and extremely personable off the bat. Mistress Kang is highly creative and has a great sense of humor, which made it so much more interesting and fun. Mistress Sunya was also playful, friendly and sweet and played really well together with Mistress Kang. All three of us engaged in a full hour of dominating fiance. He was in a state between disbelief and heaven. I want to thank Mistress Kang especially for knowing how to make myself and my fiance feel so at ease. I had such a fun and riveting experience that I'm excited to visit again... of course I'd bring my fiance back again. :o)

- Mistress A

I wanted to talk about my first encounter with Mistress Sunya. When she walked in, My jaw dropped on how beautiful she was and her height...wow. I am only 5'7"' so she completely dwarfed me. She had an amazing personality and eased me into the encounter. I felt like a little munchin standing next to her. She then addressed me to remove her beautiful heels and attend to her feet. Her feet were wonderful and had such a nice smell...her feet took up pretty much my whole face when she laid them down on me. She is quite strong and I would not be able to get up from that position, but like she says, why would you want to. She also was such a nice tease with her nude nylons and she did the heel dangle so well. It was a fun two hours and would love to have a session with her again in the near future.

- Zables

What am amazing session last night. I didn't know anything about Mistress Sunya but Mistress Ree assured me she'd be perfect for me. Ree, I owe you one! Mistress Sunya was SO MUCH FUN - I think she was enjoying our session even more than I was, and was completely prepared with my likes and dislikes prior to the session which really amazed me. I also now have a renewed appreciation for electricity and a love for dice games. Thank you Mistress Sunya. I look forward to experiencing that vacuum bag with you someday.

- SoSub