A Thorn in the Flesh…

Mistress Lucy Tran’s dark and sadistic nature will make any man desperate to obey her wishes. She takes great pleasure in her slaves agony and willingness to do her bidding.

Lustfully and effortlessly, she will inflict a combination of the most sensual physical mental torture he can bear. Pushing limits to their breaking point is what drives Mistress Tran’s perverse nature.

Her calming voice and beautiful eyes will put any man under her spell. Once he is under her control, her cruel side will emerge to break and mold him according to her desires. A perfectionist at heart, Mistress Tran does not hesitant to apply creative discipline to make sure her men are well behaved. Even after enduring her torrent of sensual abuse, he will find himself begging for her more and her approval.

Though she enjoys being cruel, Mistress Tran can be very playful and sweet but only on her terms. If your obedient enough, she may even give you the pleasure of kissing her feet.

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Languages: Vietnamese, English (no accent)

Height: 5’5″ without heels.

Shoe Size: 8


The Fetish Fortress provides a variety of legal BDSM services. We provide no services whatsoever of a sexual nature. Please contact us for a list of available fetish role play scenarios.

Domina Rates:

Double-Domination: $195hr for one hour, $172hr for two or more hours.
Regular: $260hr for one hour, $230hr for two or more hours.
Dinner and Domination: $850

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I recently had the great pleasure of sessioning with two of the most fantastic, sexy and CRUEL Mistresses in NYC, Jessy Kang and Lucy Tran. I arrived at the Fortress excited for a "double trouble" experience, and I was not disappointed. The session began with both of these stunning Mistresses binding me to the top of the metal cage, on my back. The lovely tormentors attached electrodes to me, and while Jessy prepared some, shall we say, intrusive implements, Tran joined in, with major torment happening on my nipples The sight of these two amazing nude Mistresses working me over in such a sensusal meets sadistic way was just too much. This session was a doozey of a good time. We all know Jessy's deliciously malevolent way of having fun, her skills, beauty, and wonderful nature. But I have to also give great accolades to Mistress Lucy Tran. She is incredibly talented and beautiful as well. She was a major part of an incredible session that will give me a lifetime of memories. I shall return!

- Freakazoid

I came to the Fortress tonight and had the most amazing time. Mistress Tran and Mistress Ree are sweet and beautiful beyond belief. I didn't even notice that they were wearing the outfits I requested until the session was over. I wanted to submit to them instantly. At times, my senses were overloaded and I could not comprehend the reality before me. I was a fool for not following Mistress Kang's advice and enduring two hours with those lovely ladies. To think that I was so worried that there was a possibility that I might not enjoy my time there. I cannot wait to come back. I only hope that I was a good client. The Fortress is a first class operation. From the time I wallked in and was led to the restroom and the pink room by that mysterious voice, to Mistress Tran and Ree hugging me goodbye, I felt so content being there. The Mistresses made me feel great and The Fortress gave me one of the most memorable moments of my life. I am grateful for having the opportunity to spend time with them and I am plotting coming back.


I'm writing to thank Mistresses Jung and Tran for a fantastic session. I'd played with the gorgeous Ms. Jung before, but this was my first time with Ms. Tran. It had been some time since I'd last managed a visit and they quickly showed that I'd gotten quite soft. After I apologized profusely for my weakness, they worked beautifully together to give me one of the most enjoyable sessions I've had in my 17 years of play. Tran looks so serious in her photos, but I discovered that you can make her smile if you yell loud enough and she'll even laugh if you scream. This young lady is yet another Fortress find. She is already quite expert with a single-tail whip, and she and Jung made me take more lashes, with pleasure, than I'd ever managed to handle before.

- P

A session with Mistress Tran is something that everyone should experience. Mistress Tran wasted no time coming in and laying down the law. After allowing me to spend a few minutes rubbing and massaging her feet, she continuously tested my limits and thoroughly enjoyed watching me scream as she increased the voltage, somehow knowing that I loved every second of it! Mistress would at points smother my face with her feet while shocking me, sending a mixture of pain and pleasure pulsating through my body and brain. Somehow Mistress Tran knew exactly how much I could take and always went just as my body could take – and then some, knowing thats exactly what I wanted. What made this session complete was Mistress Tran allowing me to shower and clean up and then having a discussion about how the session went, and our opinions and thoughts on BDSM in general. Will definitely continue to be a regular at the Fortress.

- L

Originally from the Washington DC area I stumbled upon the NYC Fortress webpage and explored the website about 6 months back. I have always had a fetish of being dominated by a beautiful Asian Mistress. I happen to be visiting NYC for an event and decided to contact the fortress and finally fulfill my fantasy for the first time ever. The Fortress was very professional, safe and a place I will hope to return. This was my first time experience in the BDSM world and boy was I nervous. I booked mistress Tran for two hours and she was everything I hoped for. She made me feel very comfortable from the beginning and I can't wait to go back! Thank you Mistress Tran and the Fortress!

- B

All I can say about my double session with Mistress Ree and Mistress Tran is that they were absolutely fantastic. 
 As soon as they entered, Mistress Ree immediately ordered me to my knees and greet her and Mistress Tran in the appropriate manner. This was just the beginning of many thrills that would come. 
I had expectations based on Mistress Tran's photos, but Mistress Ree was somewhat mysterious. She turned out even better than I could ever have imagined. She pushed me past my limits to levels that I never thought were possible to achieve. 
I will never forget the sound of Mistress Tran's voice as she whispered in my ear that she knew all about my dark dirty secrets and explained how she was going to systematically expose them in the moments ahead. I was truly amazed with the fluidity at which they both moved. The ladies never missed a beat. In hindsight, I wish I would had booked the two hour session rather than one.

- hustlehard

I had an extended Dinner & Domination with Ms. Tran & Ms Zhao, and if this is something you have not done before, you MUST consider it. I was looking to be pushed in this session and I was sweating and shaking for almost the entire 2 1/2 hours. This was my 1st session with Ms. Tran. She was all i thought she would be and more. Dinner afterwards was delicious both the food and the company. The Mistresses are so genuine and comfortable to be with. It is kind of nice to talk about your session and understand what the Dommes are thinking when they do what they do. It also builds and solidifies trust which i think makes me a better sub and Dommes better Dommes. Ms Tran and Ms. Zhao were dressed for a night out and looked amazing. I couldn't help notice the heads turning when these 2 Goddesses walked through the restaurant and sat down.

- TrackWarrior

Last Friday I was lucky enough to have my second session at the Fortress. I chose Mistress Tran, and first of all I must say her pictures do not do her justice. She is quite beautiful, and has this intoxicating presence about her, that makes you never want to leave her sight. So down to earth, and I really felt a connection with her, that allowed me to feel in a sort of comfort zone. Next, out came the markers and makeup. She proceeded to doll me up into her very own perverse barbie, all the while insulting me, and making it known that I was hers for the taking. She them fitted me with a pink wig and proceeded to leave the room, to my very own surprise she returned with Head Mistress Kang! She then proceeded to join Mistress Tran in using my body as their canvas. It was an outstanding session and cannot wait to return and see Mistress Tran again, I think I might be hooked. I would also like to thank Mistress Kang for her outstanding cameo appearance.

- Mister V

I had my first session with Mistress Tran last week and it was more than I expected. She is stunning with her looks but her cold eyes told me that she had devious plans for me. I was nervous even though I enjoy pain. She talked very sultry as she was tying me up, next thing I realized was that I was completely bound and unable to move and at her will. She proceeded to torture me, but I would not yield. The tormenting continued- it took all of my will power not to use my safe word (I would not give her the satisfaction). She just laughed and continued increasing the level of pain. Finally I could not take it anymore and yielded-using my safe word, much to my disappointment but to her pleasure. She let out a big laugh. We next played some games. Yeah right- games for her, pain for me. I left beaten and bruised and with a crushed ego. It was great. Looking forward to my next encounter with her. I am determined not to yield next time.

- M

Mistress Tran and Mistress Haru work together beautifully. I was delirious after only a short time. And it just kept getting better. Thank You, Mistress Tran and Mistress Haru. All the writing in the world cannot describe what the Two of You did.

- Lashee

I recently had my first ever session at the Fetish Fortress, which also was my first ever professional session. After spending days trying to figure out which the beautiful Mistress I wanted to session with, I picked one and emailed in a session request, briefly describing my interests. To make a long story short, I finally decided on the two hour session with two Mistresses, and it was perhaps the best decision of my life. I had a PHENOMENAL session with Mistress Tran and Mistress Zhao, and my only regret was that I didn’t have time in my visit to NYC for another double session with them. They are both goregous (beyond their pictures) and fantastic players who gave me an absolutely amazing experience that I will forever remember, and I would STRONGLY recommend either of them, or even better, both together. I have the utmost confidence that all of these Mistresses are first rate professionals at what they do, with an absolute phychological understanding of BDSM and a mastery of the skills involved. On a scale of 1 to 10, my experience was a 37, and I thank the Mistresses I was emailing with for being patient with me while I worked through the decision to go for the 2 hour double Mistress session.

- Kilgore Trout

I spent an evening auditioning at the Kang-Tran Academy for Circus Hopefuls. Among the many things I learned is that Mistress Kang and Mistress Tran are keen assessors of one’s potential. They immediately prepared me for an audition for sideshow freak. It was the smart call. I soon found myself in a sparkly silver bra, stretchy thigh-highs, flouncy bloomers, and pink go-go boots. At one point I informed Mistress Tran that my body was my meal ticket. “Oh,” she replied, “you must be starving!” For those who haven’t had the pleasure, Mistress Kang is a Warhol print come to life: vivid, colorful, iconic, vibrant, and exuberant—sensory overload to the max, and a delightful conversationalist. Mistress Tran is a delicate sketch of a diva done with the finest stylus and sensuous ink. This Angel of No-Mercy possesses a beautiful smile that gleefully emerges when she is enjoying herself. I hope to provide the two of them with much enjoyment in the future. Once again, the Fortress filled my night and memories with delights, and, as previously mentioned, that is a precious thing to be treasured.

- John082

I just did my third session at the Fortress this year. All three sessions were great and have never been disappointed. My session yesterday was prisoner/interrogation session with Mistress Tran. Agent Tran gave me everything I requested, and much more. Besides my wishes she added in a few of her own surprises. During the entire two hour session she never let up, and she kept me off balance the entire time. The cage in the steel room played a big part of our play and she used to her maximum advantage. She gave me a safe word and I almost had to use several times, but she was always able to sense that I had reached my breaking point and she was able "ease up" just in time. If anyone is considering this type of session I suggest you ask for Mistress Tran. I can't imagine anyone doing it better.

- SubJJ

What fool would book two hours with Mistress Tran right before two hours with Mistresses Kang and Sunya? This fool. And I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Mistress Tran was uber-sexy, as always, this time in a skin-tight blue leather outfit (skirt, corset, half-jacket), fishnet stockings, and thigh-high leather boots. It was a sublime pleasure to clean her spittle from her boots with my tongue and worship at her feet. Mistress Tran puttered about the room, humming like a fifties housewife on television. Being immobilized while this petite flower of powerful sexiness strolled around the room fully clothed in her naked allure was a peak of ecstasy for me. While I relish every bit of her precious perfection, it is her eyes that captivate me. Dark and mysterious, they are an enigma. Her brown/black jewels are deep and sensuous, and I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and think I can see them taking my full measure. Then I shiver in delighted fear. Mistress Tran left me broken and destroyed—exactly as I asked. Bravo!

- John082

I had the pleasure of an amazing session with Mistress Tran after a hiatus from the Fortress that was too long for my own good. It only took a few moments with Mistress Tran to make me realize what I had been missing out on. She was more than happy to remind me of all that the Fortress has to offer. Before I knew it I was hog tied and it was completely useless to attempt to escape. I was a mere toy for her pleasure and she knew it. She deviously laughed as she rolled me back and forth as I was tied in knots, unable to move and completely at her mercy. I had a wonderfull session with Mistress Tran as she testeed and pushed my limits and convinced me to try a new experience all while having a few laughs along the way. She's extremely personable and we had a blast. Can't wait to get back to the Foretrss to see her again as I can only imagine what she has in store for me!

- Josh

I recently had a session with Mistress Tran and Mistress Jung. From the booking to the actual session I had an excellent experience with the Fetish fortress. It was my first time meeting with BDSM professionals, so I was a bit nervous about what to expect. Well, not only are Mistress Tran and Mistress Jung beautiful ladies they are also good at what they do. Not only did both ladies personalize my session towards my interests they also threw in a few surprises as well. Tran and Jung showed a keen ability of sensing my limits. During the session my limits were pushed, but always pushed within reason. I am confident that the Mistresses are able to personalize any session from mild to extreme. I highly recommend FF. I know I intend to return again.

- Ftnip

After some time, I finally decided to take a visit back to the Fortress. When I called, I was told that Mistress Tran was available. At first I was hesitant since I had never sessioned with her before but thinking back I'm very glad that she was recommended to me by Head Mistress Kang. Once there at the Fortress, I was sent to the Pink Room and it didn't take long for Mistress Tran to come in and she looked great and in exactly what I had requested for her outfit. The photos on the site do not do her enough justice as she looks even better in person. Once there, we discussed my limits / likes. She then proceeded to hogtie and gag me tightly. After a few minutes of struggling, I realized that there was no way, I was going to get free and now was completely at her mercy. She then teased and tortured me until I was completely exhausted and could barely move. Thanks, Mistress Tran, for a great session and hope to be back again one day soon!

- A_ Ba _Man

This was my first time ever with a Dominatrix and I mean to tell you that Dom Tran is everything I had fantasized and dreamed about and all that is ever on my mind. After tying me up, leaving me totallly spread eagle and exposed, she proceeded to tantalize me in ways that left me quivering and shaking begging for more. I am coming back to the Fortress next month and plan to do a double DOM, Time and Dinner. I want them to give me the works. This place is the greatest!!!

- Jazzy

This was my first visit to The Fortress. I had requested a role-play scenario. Mistress Tran took the lead and Mistress Zhao followed up perfectly. They put me through several “exams” and tortures, each time taking me up to my limit but leaving just a bit more to get out of me. Mistress Zhao comforted me while Mistress Tran performed her tortures. Part of the role play was for me to escape, and despite her small stature, Mistress Zhao is quite the wrestler. She put up a good fight, climbing up on my back as I tried to fling her off. She had me exhausted and pinned exactly when she wanted. Mistress Tran is a real pro in following the role-play plot. She could read my endurance levels in my eyes and adjusted accordingly. Mistress Tran created everything I was looking for and added a fantastic plot twist I was not expecting. These Mistresses are very skilled, playful and beautiful. I will be back.

- B

I had the pleasure to serve Mistress Tran recently. She is a phenomenal mistress My main interest was corporal punishment and Mistress Tran exceeded my expectations. The highlight of the session was when she caned me. She told me I would get 100 strokes in sets of 20 and that each set would be harder than the last and boy was she true to her word. She then said I would get 10 with the strap between each set. The first set was very hard and had me wondering if I would be able to handle the full punishment but Mistress Tran was very persuasive! The last 20 were the best and most painful strokes I have ever received!! Mistress Tran is very strict but also very sensual and playful and I would highly recommend her.


The session was electrifying, and I found myself spell bound. I was speechless and even breathless. In other words it was great. I was able to lose myself at their mercy, something i sometimes have a problem doing. This was a type of session I had never had before and wasn't sure how much i would like it. NOW I KNOW. WOW! I'm sure you all know how gorgeous both Mistresses Tran and Zhao are, but I don't know if anyone has mentioned how intelligent or personable they are. I appreciate both attributes in a Domme. I hope they know how much I enjoyed the session.

- Terry

I can no longer imagine a trip to New York City without a visit to the indomitable Fortress. Each session has given me more lasting memories (as well as marks!) than a dinner at a fine restaurant or a Broadway show. Recently I found myself under the powerful spell of the enchanting Mistress Tran. After inquiring about my desires and limitations, our session began slowly and then steadily increased in tempo and intensity. Despite floggers, paddles and electricity, and being pushed farther than I expected, I never found myself contemplating the use of my safe word. Additionally, it is quite obvious that she enjoys seeing her subjects squirm and beg for mercy as much as they enjoy submitting to her. I highly recommend a visit to the Fortress and can guarantee that it will not be your last.

- R

The Fetish Fortress more than lived up to all the reviews I read before booking a session. Whether by email, telephone or intercom at their location, the support staff are friendly, welcoming and reassuring. If you are new to this type of experience, that is huge. I booked a session with Mistresses Kang and Tran. Both are even more beautiful than their photographs convey. Our playroom was well-equipped and private. The Mistresses used the perfect combination of playfulness, sensuality and roughness. I had given them some prior information about what I sought to experience, and they did not disappoint in the least. Their attire, manner and technique all showed that they had taken the time to learn about my desires, which they fulfilled with just enough surprise and variation to keep me deliciously off balance. At the end of our session the Ladies took time to have a very pleasant and friendly conversation with me. That was a nice transition back to the real world. I recommend them without reservation and I look forward to playing again.

- Anonymous

It was just a week and a half after my first session at the Fortress and there I was back in Chinatown needing more. I had such an amazing first session with Mistress Zhao that she had me craving more. This time based on the recommendation of Mistress Ree I went with Mistress Zhao and Mistress Tran. Those two should be called the dynamic duo because the session was really amazing. I was tied up and subjected to an hour of tickle torture and then wonderful foot worship as a reward. I won't soon forget that blissful hour with Mistress Zhao and Mistress Tran.

- Brutus

I had anticipated my visit for a long time and the night before my visit I hardly slept in anticipation of what may happen. I had arranged a double dom session with Mistress Tran and Mistress Koi. My first pleasant surprise was just how beautiful they both were...and then how friendly they were too, which soon made me relax (I was very nervous). Once the session started I was so quickly into it as I was bound, teased and toyed with. Mistress Tran is so perceptive and knowledgeable she made me feel comfortable in the knowledge that she was in control. Mistress Koi is a masterful teaser and tormentor and together they had me gasping for breath as the one gave me pleasure and the other dished out some pain. The session only got better when Mistress Fei joined in. For the next hour I was gradually pushed to my limit and had to plead for mercy which was eventually granted. I don`t know how to improve on the session but I will be going back!!

- Stephen

Despite having nursed an interest in BDSM ever since I was quite young, I was always too timid to fully involve myself in the scene and was initially a bit worried that the Fetish Fortress would be too extreme for a novice like me. After browsing through the forum and reading about others' experiences, I decided to take the leap and booked a two-hour session with Mistress Tran. The initial process was as efficient and professional as all the other reviews claimed. I was very nervous when i first arrived, but Mistress Tran's personable demeanor immediately put me at ease. She is also absolutely gorgeous. She showed genuine interest in where my head was at: my likes and dislikes, and my thought processes during this exploratory phase of mine. She took great care of me, and we tried many things that I never thought I would've liked but now can't wait to do again. What really still stands out are the more tender moments: the whispering in the ear or the gentle hug from behind while I was rendered immobile... right before the punishments came so swiftly and forcefully. Thanks, Mistress Tran!

- Marceline