Mistress Von Dietz

Drastic Measures…

Helena Von Dietz ia a real life fatale. Helena enjoys dressing playfully pin-up to accentuate her spellbinding curves, her satin skin and sparkling blue eyes.

The Mistress carries herself with statuesque poise and grace, yet she often fantasizes of that exact moment when her dark, sensual veil, will be cast upon those of whom she dare chooses.

Her candy apple charm acts is a venus fly trap. Alluring her prey, with her hot and sweet coercion. She will lovingly nurture as she leads you down into her twisted rabbit hole, to where her actual reality exists, to enslave, to experiment and torture.

Men fall into her provocative trance, become victim to her demonic imagination. As she smiles and laughs in delight, they realize this is her greatest pleasure.

Ethnicity : German

Languages : English

Height: 5’7″

Shoe Size : 7


The Fetish Fortress provides a variety of legal BDSM services. We provide no services whatsoever of a sexual nature. Please contact us for a list of available fetish role play scenarios.

Domina Rates:

Double-Domination: $281hr for one hour, $263hr for two or more hours.
Regular: $375hr for one hour, $350hr for two or more hours.
Dinner and Domination: $1300

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I must say she is truly one of the most beautiful women I have ever played with, and I have been with many amazing women around the world including top Mistresses over the past 15 years. I am very selective about who I meet and I look forward to meeting her again soon.

- D.R.

I had the privilege of being in Mistress Von Dietz's first session at the Fortress. She is a total blonde bombshell! I was in complete submission with her height and her verbal dominance. She put a blindfold on me and I immediately went into subspace. Even though this was her first session, it seemed she never missed the mark, was very confident in her skills, and had a complete understanding in knowing how to make the session enjoyable to the fullest extent. I loved it when she had me look in the mirror while I was tied up and she punished me with the paddles and floggers. I know she has quite a bit more ideas about future sessions with me and I'm planning to see her again to explore them. I'm excited about it!

- Lewis

had he pleasure of sessioning with Mistress Von Dietz for the first time this week. She is a stunning beauty with an amazing personality; you can be sure she has broken many hearts and many men. Time passed far too quickly; in the space of an hour she had taken total control with her firm yet bubbly personality. She did a great job of pushing limits and did so with a caring touch I'm already looking forward to seeing her again soon- Von Dietz is not to be missed!

- Rob

Mistress Von Dietz is an amazing lady She is very compassionate and really gets into the sessions. She is a devoted lady who takes the time to fully prepare for her sessions. I really felt a great connection between her and I, and I look forward to serving her for as long as I get the honor and privilege to.

- Matty

I have seen a few professional female Dommes and I must say that Mistress Von Dietz has been the best so far. I saw her on her very first day and she handled the entire session like a seasoned pro. She likes to push your limits just a bit, but it was in a good way. We accomplished more than I had expected or anticipated. On top of all that she looks amazing.

- DK

As someone who responds favorably to being controlled by my attraction towards, and desire to please, a Mistress, I found myself grateful to submit to Mistress Von Dietz. She is every bit as lovely as she appears in her photos and has a cheerfully playful personality that easily enough placed me under her control. I have no doubt she's capable of different styles of play, but just knowing that it was amusing to her to thwack me with her favorite paddle made it a painful pleasure to be on the receiving end of her well-placed strokes. And her positive, relaxed manner put me at ease while quickly winning over my trust. Although we didn't stretch beyond what I told her I was comfortable with in our first session together, she's someone I would trust to push my boundaries further, knowing the enjoyment I experience in my sub/slave role is important to her as well.

- Slave S

She is a born pleaser, with emphasis on supreme malleability. She can and will be whatever you want her to be, naturally sensuous, yet a keen ability to kick it up for the pain enthusiast. I was beyond pleased with my experience and believe you will be too. As an aside, her looks are unreal!

- JS

Mistress Von Dietz was as good as it gets. Beautiful, confident, and always in control. She was far from a newbie. Her voice very sexy and at times hypnotizing. I'm pretty sure she could get me to do whatever she wanted and that says a lot. Another great time at the fortress, and looking forward to spending more time with Mistress Von Dietz in the future. I feel like the journey has just begun!

- jazzy jeff

I've been a devoted client of the Fortress for years and I've had many other BDSM sessions in my life. Every time I've reached what I think is the pinnacle of a fantasy experience I meet someone new like Mistress Helena Von Dietz who surpassed my wildest expectations. She was beautiful, understanding, intuitive and simply one of the most mind-blowingly sexy Dommes I have ever met. My session interests are pretty intense and she was more than up to the challenge with her talent, energy and enthusiasm.

- J46

I had a two hour session with Mistress Von Dietz and I was totally in awe of her from the moment she walked into the room. Not only is she so very beautiful but her personality made my session an experience to remember. I had specific requests regarding what I like and what I don't, and she accommodated them nicely in the session. In the end I didn't want to leave. She's the best dominatrix I have ever been to and I can't wait to see her again.

- Jersey man

I had my first session with Mistress Von Dietz a few days ago, and am reminded of it every time I try to sit down. It was an amazing two hours. She is truly one of the most beautiful women I've ever laid eyes on, with a sweet disposition and a great sense of humor. But don't be fooled. She took charge right from the start, and was in complete control every minute. Attentive to (and respectful of) all my limits, but eager to push me right up to them and a little bit beyond - and more than willing to punish me whenever I fell short of her expectations. God, it was wonderful. Can't wait to go back .

- f

MISTRESS HELENA VON DIETZ is perhaps THE most beautiful young woman I've ever laid eyes on. Her lovely photos were what attracted me to initiating a session with her, but I was amazed that they are but a faint representation of just how stunning she really is. And now this absolute goddess was going to have her way with me! I requested a very sensual domination, nothing too heavy... I loved her very seductive energy, as she teased and tormented me. What was truly erotic was when she put metal cat nails on the tips of her fingers and ever so lightly scratched the skin along my entire body. Oh lord she knew she had me going crazy, and she seemed to enjoy every moment of her torment of me! I so loved being in her amazingly beautiful presence, her wonderful intuition and sensitivity, the teasing, playfulness and sensuality... But in all honesty I so desperately wanted to take control. Perhaps it's sounds crazy but I loved it and hated it at the same time. All I know right now is that Mistress Von Dietz has cast her spell on me. She is truly incredible and I must see her again!

- E

I recently had an absolutely amazing session with Mistress Von Dietz. After I arrived, I awaited the absolutely stunning Mistress on my knees. Her pictures don’t do justice to how beautiful she is. She greeted me with some hard spanking and the cat o’nine tails. She also slapped my face repeatedly as she made me worship her thigh high latex boots... It was a session that approached perfection. Rest assured I will be back.

- Nom De Plume

BIG WOW! Just a quick thank you for a fabulous afternoon with Ms. Helena Von Dietz on Friday. She played perfectly into my “fetish-zone”, and I’m still reeling from the experience. I think we really connected. Ms. Von Dietz read my email requests, and did exactly what I wanted. She has a wonderful taunting, playful style that is a great turn-on-- and she is really beautiful.

- B.E.

Mistress Von Dietz was a total goddess. She had 100% confidence, poise, and clarity. She has high self-awareness and emotional awareness, so she was able to push my limits farther than I was expecting the session to go. I was expecting a good session, but received more, as this was an experience to actually make me want to return. (This isn't some gimmicky review, I mean it.) On a side note, the location was clean and very comfortable.

- JakeB

I had a fantastic session with Mistress Von Dietz. I'm often a bit nervous at the start of a session with a new lady but she is very easy to talk with and set me at ease from the start. She is absolutely stunning in person, I was blown away when she walked in. Communication is really important for me in a session and Mistress Von Dietz completely understood this and was great throughout and hit all the high points for me in terms of my interests. I'm really looking forward to meeting her again.

- Craic

My first experience at your facility was an impressive one. You had all the right tools and settings to to delight all of the senses. But what really made the experience a memorable one was Mistress Von Dietz. She was not only beautiful, but extremely classy and real. She connected on all aspects of my experience, that truly made this the best I have ever had. I can't wait to revisit your place of respite from the world, and especially can't wait to see Mistress Von Dietz again!

- TR

I met with Mistress Von Dietz today and I can't say enough good things about her. It was not only enjoyable, but truly fulfilling and liberating as well. She has a gift for getting in side of your mind and soul, and really bringing out who you are. I feel so good after this experience, I will be back as soon as I am able!

- D. West

She is just gorgeous, very friendly and engaging. I wanted to try some new stuff for me - some whipping and she was great exploring my boundaries. She is newer to the scene and seemed genuinely excited to see what we could accomplish. It was so amazing how she worked it - warmed up, got me comfortable, and when she could tell I was enjoying it just went to town and really seemed to get into it, pounding mercilessly. I was exhausted by the end, but what a freaking incredible experience with a gorgeous woman. I immediately wanted to schedule a repeat visit.

- Hand Puppet

Beyond my wildest expectations. Intelligent, seductive, playfully carnal eyes that convey confidence and dare you to reveal your most private, secret desires. Stunningly beautiful. Rare blend of girl next door and exotic beauty. Perhaps the most sensual and sensuous woman I've ever met. Exploits all of your senses to heighten pleasure and masterfully blends bondage, goddess worship, sadism, and masochism. Artfully impels submission and commands obedience with disarming, erotic blend of pain and pleasure. Quickly and without a hint of pretense surmised exactly what I wanted/needed and seemed to unconsciously understand my fantasies in a way that made me want to reveal my true submissive nature and trust her, even when in the most compromising and vulnerable situations.

- R

I had the honor of having a session with Mistress Von Dietz. She is absolutely gorgeous and sexy with a charming personality and great sense of humor. I felt very comfortable around her, but you should beware of what you ask for as she can easily make you moan. She is an experienced Mistress and knows well how to push you your limits. I can go on and on writing about her, but I think saying this suffices: she is fantastic, I will definitely go back to meet her again.

- Oliver

I'd come across the Fetish Fortress online by incident one day - a holiday to New York was already booked and I was idly curious how much dommes in the city charged. Most charge a lot, it seems, with the exception of the Fetish Fortress. Two dommes costing less than other, far less appealing single player options elsewhere in the city. It was a no brainer - I had to make the most of this. What followed next was incredible. I was greeted by the stunning and foreboding Mistress Rey, who was dressed in schoolgirl attire as requested (yes, I'm obvious). I felt a flush of intimidated embarrassment before Mistress Rey, who seemed to tower over me. (And I'm 6ft myself.) Mistress Rey led me through to the "Pink Room" where we were joined by Mistress Von Dietz (also in schoolgirl attire) who left me speechless. Together the two ladies ganged up and started reaching and groping, taking advantage while I was trying to overcome my initial stupor, including plenty of tickling of sensitive areas, a few smacks to the behind... Both Mistress Rey and Von Dietz were jaw-droppingly beautiful, sensually intimidating, respectful of limits while also utterly dominating and seemingly psychically pushing my buttons to their limits.