Beguiling Vietnamese Seductress

Mistress Ada Vu is a roleplay specialist focusing in seductive domination. Using her intoxicating physical presence she bends men to her will, forcing them to worship her and endure the trials she has devised to test their devotion. As a flirty schoolgirl or business-clad secretary, she loves turning the tables on a man who foolishly believes himself to be in a position of power over her. A broad smile crosses her face at the moment she sees that he too realizes who was in control all along. As a diabolical medical professional or authoritarian Mistress, there will be no illusions from the start who wields the power in the relationship.

Mistress Vu only rarely resorts to harsh language- her skill lies in teasing and enticing, carefully manipulating men down the path she has laid out for them. She represents the classic honey pot trap, a beautiful, seductive women who step by step makes her target totally beholden to her will.

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Languages: English (no accent), Vietnamese

Height: 5’1″

Shoe Size: 5.5


...when you are in that room, in her presence- you will do ANYTHING she asks, she is just so sweet and earnest. Even though you know what she is asking is humiliating, and just not right- you just can't bring yourself to say no and disappoint her. She does not need rope because if she tells you not to move you won't, she does not even need a whip. If you do wrong she becomes unhappy, and you will find yourself racking your brain for ways to punish yourself, to make her smile at you again.

- Steve

Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank Mistress Vu for a great first session with her, the best I have ever had! She is beautiful, did a great job of exploring various fetishes I desired and offered amazing tease/denial. You would do anything to please her! If you’re thinking about a session with her, don't wait! Also your facility is great and the professionalism and quick response for scheduling appointments is much appreciated. I'm looking forward to future sessions.

- -Steven

The facility was clean, comfortable and everything in its place. No clutter, just right to put in a relaxed, enjoyable mood. Very well organized. Ms Vu definitely added to the finishing touch, she was simply great, like a delicate flowe

- Marc

Thanks for the session on Monday. It was great, Mistress Vu is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I will see you when I am back in NYC.

- Paul

Thank you again for the fantastic session this Saturday morning. I could hardly walk and chew bubble gum for hours. Each session we do gets better and better. I'm glad you like your "Made in Vietnam" Beatings Will Continue shirt. Now my job is to incorporate your favorite color "pink" (so undom) into my next gift to you. I will e- mail Jessy when my wounds heal. (Just kidding!)

- Respectfully, Neal

My visit was an unforgettable one, and I will absolutely be back soon for more. My session was a 2 on 1 with Mistresses Kang and Vu was a most pleasurable experience for me. ...Mistress Vu is captivating, as I think I fell in love with her at first sight. She is that beautiful! She is a sweetheart and an Angel if there ever was one. She is charming, cunning, and oh so sexy! Looking so hot in her schoolgirl outfit, she knew just how to tickle me and to have me literally squirming all over the floor. Yet, I'm not sure who had the most fun, whether it was me, her, or Mistress Kang. Mistress Vu is a lovely young girl who I am hoping will be in this business for a long time to come. In my 2 on 1 session, Mistresses Kang and Vu complimented each other so perfectly that it was scary. In our fantasy role play, Vu played the part of my stepdaughter while Kang played the part of her influential best friend. Needless to say, that influence caused me to be put in to many compromising predicaments, and I loved it. I will do another 2 on 1 session with both mistresses Kang and Vu within the near future. I'd be stupid not to. I love them both because they are both sincere, caring, and they both offer two absolutely gorgeous ladies that I am honored to have met.

- Michael

Just thought I would drop you a note. Met Mistress Vu. She was intelligent, charming and accommodating, I would go out of my to see her again. Terrific person. The facility was clean, professionally run and comfortable. I enjoyed the polite treatment. I cannot stress that enough. I am a busy professional that has no time for BS. Thank You and the best of luck.

- Lou

I had a WONDERFUL time with Mistress Vu. She is even more beautiful in person than her pictures and she was so much fun! I could worship that body all night. I will return soon to see her. Please let her know I enjoyed myself.

- Dave

Recently, Mistresses Kang and Vu initiated me into the Fortress Experience. As if to underscore I'd entered a different realm, I was instructed to enter the Pink Room, where I was soon joined by Mistress Vu and Mistress Kang, suddenly, I was in the thrall of two powerful women who were soon the Boss(es) of me. They had a great rhythm working together, keeping each other amused and me off balance and never knowing what was coming next. Mistress Vu has a quality that makes you reluctant to disappoint her. I was busy doing my best to stay on her good side. If one was talking to me, telling me how I could make her evening, the other was quietly restraining me before I could do so, and then, well... Two hours passed in what seemed like five minutes. The highest compliment I can provide about the "Fortress Experience" was how interesting, fun and often funny the conversation was, even as I was put into compromising positions and pushed beyond what I thought were my limits. Mistresses Vu and Kang are truly experts at what they do. Even on my way out, I was brainstorming how quickly I could return to NYC and have another session. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention what a pleasant, professional experience it was setting up my appointment...I felt well treated in planning my visit, and the facilities were top notch.

- Irishson69