An Elegant Weapon …

Mistress Zhao oscillates between the icy disciplinarian and playful sadistic who gets what she wants with seductive force. She laughs easily, especially at the pleasure she derives from your agony.

When you’re in the room with her, the rest of the world falls away as she bends your mind with her lithe fingers and enchanting presence. Her manner is meditative, deliberate and sophisticated. Equal parts intelligent and intuitive, she has the advantage of armchair psychology and a ball gag. Her sharp tongue and perverse sense of humor will both tickle and scathe you.

Ethnicity: Chinese

Languages: Mandarin Chinese, English (no accent)

Height: 5’5″

Shoe Size: 7


The Fetish Fortress provides a variety of legal BDSM services. We provide no services whatsoever of a sexual nature. Please contact us for a list of available fetish role play scenarios.

Domina Rates:

Double-Domination: $195hr for one hour, $172hr for two or more hours.
Regular: $260hr for one hour, $230hr for two or more hours.
Dinner and Domination: $850

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I had always fantasized about a session with Mistress Zhao and, having survived a great session with awesome duo of Mistresses Kang and Vu, how could I not survive a session with Mistress Zhao? Well it turned out I was right and my session was exactly what I was looking for. Mistress Zhao was so very straight forward and almost soothing about her sadistic desires that I knew I would have to do as she said and not be a wimp and pull the safe word card. I found myself more at ease and able to submit and less concerned about what might be. She had such a comforting way about administering her sadistic desires that the rest of our session was perfect and not one that I will soon forget. Mistress Zhao has such a great physical, emotional and psychological style about her that simply draws you in and completely takes control of you. Her dark desires carry you on a journey where you are helpless and have no option except to submit to her will and do as she pleases yet she returns you to better place from which you came. I can't wait to find out what Mistress Zhao has in store for me during our next session.

- Michael

i am a bisexual submissive for over 30 years, including a 9 year enslavement in New York and Germany. i have had 2 sessions with Mistress Zhao and she has imprisoned my heart as well as my body. She has broken me through her charmingly dangerous will. In my first visit to her dungeon, she took note of my history and tested me for endurance and sensitivity, through the use of crop, paddle, shocks, clamps and a variety of other instruments of her choice. Armed with this knowledge my 2nd visit was devoted to completely taking over my body and mind in her own special way and continued until i lost all control begging for her to end the torturous pleasure. i can't wait to submit, once more, to my Mistress, to find out what will befall me at her hands.

- r

This is a much overdue review of a wonderful and talented Dominatrix Mistress Zhao. I had the pleasure to visit the fortress this January and wanted a sensual domination session. Mistress Zhao was fabulous. She truly had a profound sense of timing, and empathy. She would perfectly time the intervals of pleasurable foot and body worship with intense nipple torture and floggings. Throughout the 90 minute session she pushed me to new limits all while purring softly and smiling, encouraging me to suffer more for her pleasure, compelling me to desire the most minute moments of tenderness as a parched soldier in the desert craves water. She was in my head, for those 90 minutes she owned my and I wanted nothing more then to be hers. Each flogging pushed me to a new limit. Mistress Zhao truly enjoys having her feet kissed and massaged and she guided me in ways my worship would please her. As always your studio is outstanding. I truly appreciate the privacy, cleanliness and professionalism of your entire team. Throughout the booking process, you and your receptionist helped me articulate my desires and select the right Dom for my session. It was clear that Mistress Zhao was well informed of the information I provided before the session. Her outfit was absolutely perfect and the complete experience was wonderful.

- B

I finally had my first session at the Fortress the other week with Mistress Zhao. Booking is very straight forward, all handled through email. The facility is very clean, secure and private. I was immediately at ease when I walked in. I was instructed to go into the Tatami room and prepare. Mistress Zhao then came in - she is way more stunning in person than her pictures do her justice! It took me a few minutes to catch my breath, then we talked about what kind of session I was looking for. I had requested a session where she was the boss and had caught me snooping around her office. She wore a great business outfit with stockings and heels, then proceeded to dominate me. I'm a bit new to this, so she started out slow, but then knew exactly how to handle me and torture me. She was excellent at pacing and flow. I will definitely be back for more with her - very impressive woman!

- "T"

Having never experienced BDSM before I decided to give it a try. I based my decision on the Fetish Fortress website. From the outset, by email, they tried very hard to meet my wishes. Upon arrival they have an easy to follow procedure to get you ready for your session. The session was everything I could have hoped for. I had a double-domme session with Mistress Zhao and Mistress Jung. They dressed as requested in leather and boots. Besides being incredibly hot they were very funny and understanding. They didn’t make me do anything I didn’t want to do but were always ready with suggestions to maximize my pleasure. I was bound, prodded, flogged and teased to my complete satisfaction. No clock watching, no rushing. I may be have been their slave but I was treated like a king. These girls really knew what they were doing and they made me feel extremely comfortable. The facility is spotless and they have all the toys and apparatus you could hope for. If you’re thinking about doing this, this is the place to do it.

- R

Thanks so much for recommending the beautiful (and dangerous!) Ms. Zhao to me. I had a great session on Friday night and I hope Ms. Zhao enjoyed her work also (she seemed quite pleased to have 'written' her moniker on my back). She certainly has a great sense of humor and timing and had me laughing during those times I wasn't yelping in pain or suffocating. I felt so good after the session that I ended up walking halfway back to my hotel before getting a cab, and now my body is ready to have a good sleep on the flight back to Tokyo.

- Itamu

My session with Zhao was FABULOUS. She has a marvelous personality, accepting, very accommodating. and is real quick on the uptake. (Not to leave out that she is, to die for, gorgeous too.) Even with limited experience, she was a fast and joyous learner on how to effectively wield a singletail. She got the accuracy and cracking stuff down quicker than anyone else that I have the pleasure to mentor and play target. I predict that she will quickly develop a corporal following, as she really likes the whip. Her broad and genuine smile as she plays, says it all.

- -

First, she is flat-out gorgeous. I was having trouble focusing because I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Plus, she was attentive, seemed really involved in the session (not just going through the motions like some others I've seen elsewhere), and pushed me into new areas I have not experienced before. The most important part to me was that we really paid attention to my pre-session requests, confirmed my preferences before we started, and then delivered everything I hoped for and more. It's wonderful to have a smart, sexy as hell, fun, creative, and demanding mistress kicking your ass! Overall, a great and memorable experience and I hope to be back very soon.

- J

I had my first Fortress experience yesterday(first Mistress experience ever). To say Ms Zhao is more beautiful in person is an understatement. She also looks younger(I thought she was a teenage assistant coming in to give me instructions). She disarmed me with her personality and charm. I trusted her completely. My session was fantastic. Every direction she took me worked beautifully. I actually forgot I was supposed to be disobedient and I wanted to obey and please her(I was punished anyway). I highly recommend Ms Zhao to anyone. Especially to bench warmers (me...until yesterday). Thank You Mistress Zhao. Until that time we meet again...soon...and I promise to be disobedient.

- Ray

Dear Mistress Zhao, I was amazed by your attentiveness, your skill, your professionalism and your humour. You understood my feelings as well as any psychotherapist, and far better than most. You have wonderful gifts of theatre, intuition, and tolerance. My abiding memory of the session will be of your kindness in being willing to meet my needs. With gratitude, Martin from London. It would be lovely to come and see Mistress Zhao again very soon but sadly I am based in London and currently have no plans to travel to the USA again. If you happen to know of anyone in London who is as skilfull and sensitive as Mistress Zhao please do let me know! With best wishes

- J

I had a two hour Double Domination session with Mistresses Jung and Zhao. I like to experiment and push my limits without the “Yes Mistress” stuff and Jung and Zhao were perfectly willing to play along with that. I requested that they wear the outfits from Zhao’s slumber party photo array. It was a great choice! I prefer CFNM sessions and having those two smoking hot Asian ladies so scantily clad and knowing I couldn’t have them was almost a session in itself. We started off with some friendly chit chat and quickly got to business. To say it was an intense experience wouldn’t do it justice. It was a fantastic time and I will definitely do it again. I’m torn between sticking with Mistresses Jung and Zhao and wanting to experience the other players at the Fortress. FYI, I wasn’t sore at all the next day. Which I attribute to these ladies professionalism, mastery of their craft, and level of care to the well being of their subs.

- M

I had an extended Dinner & Domination with Ms. Tran & Ms Zhao, and if this is something you have not done before, you MUST consider it. I was looking to be pushed in this session and I was sweating and shaking for almost the entire 2 1/2 hours. Together they shoved me all over the steel room and at the end of the session, if it was to go another minute, i may have tapped out. I have seen Ms. Zhao in a few sessions and she just blows me away. I'm pretty sure She could talk me into anything. She certainly gets me where I am looking to go. Sadistic? Yes but i trust and feel safe with her. She is incredibly HOT and just seems to know when to push and when to pull back. I love Her ink! Dinner afterwards was delicious both the food and the company. The Mistresses are so genuine and comfortable to be with. It is kind of nice to talk about your session and understand what the Dommes are thinking when they do what they do. It also builds and solidifies trust which i think makes me a better sub and Dommes better Dommes. Ms Tran and Ms. Zhao were dressed for a night out and looked amazing. I couldn't help notice the heads turning when these 2 Goddesses walked through the restaurant and sat down.

- Trackwarrior

My first experience at the Fortress was with the lovely Mistress Zhao. Let me start by saying that I have been in the scene for over 12 years, and have been with many Mistresses. Mistress Zhao is the best and I can't say enough about how wonderful she is. She has classic Asian beauty, wonderful smile, gorgeous figure, perfectly shaped ass and legs--and a cool tattoo. What more can you ask for? Although she had an idea of some of my interests, she took the time to talk to me to understand more to get deeper insight of my desires. We also established a rapport, I felt very relaxed and that I could trust her. She has a way about her that makes you want to please her, with a keen mind and exquisite beauty; attributes which motivate one to push themselves to cross new boundaries to please her. There were several "firsts " for me, and I have been around. The pacing was perfect, her smile is captivating, and most important I felt very comfortable with her. Can't wait until my next session because I know Mia Zhao will help me expand and explore even more levels of ecstasy/domination.

- Billy

So I decided that as a birthday treat for myself I would book my first session at the Fortress and I'm glad I did because I had the most amazing experience with Mistress Zhao. I have been looking for a mistress in NYC that I could really connect with and I finally found that connection Mistress Zhao. I booked a two hour session and it was the best two hours I've ever had. The booking process was very easy and the Fortress is conveniently located so I had no trouble find it. Mistress Zhao is very beautiful and a great mistress to have a session with, I think she was reading my mind because she knew exactly what I was looking for. She has a playful way about her that made me feel comfortable right away. She also has a great sense of humor her and and I laughed throughout the entire session and pretty sure she was having as much fun as I was. Just writing this review makes me want to see Mistress Zhao again, she really was amazing. She is also a really kind person, at the end of the session I got a foot cramp and she was kind enough to rub it until it went away. I can't wait to book my next session!

- Brutus

I had my first double-Domme session earlier this week, and I couldn’t have picked a better pair of Mistresses. My choices? Mistress Zhao—whom I have had sessions with previously, and Mistress Jung—my first time meeting her. Both ladies are wonderful—beautiful, fun, very sexy, creative, understanding, and very nice—simply the best. Mistress Zhao came in first, looking lovely as ever in a black G-string/heels, we talked a few minutes, she put me at ease. Then Mistress Jung came in—dressed in her Fishnet & Leather outfit, all smiles and looking beautiful. I like to provide a general, high level track to follow—and let the ladies fill in the blanks. I like surprises, and this approach enables the ladies to get creative in a spontaneous way—I think they enjoy this very much. The session went great, pacing was perfect, both Mistresses are very intuitive and sensuous—qualities I love. Both M Zhao & M Jung make you feel they aren’t doing a job, but rather the session is just three people having some fun! That’s the highest compliment I can give really. They help explore boundaries—and respect limits. I definitely would recommend either Mistress—together—or separate.


Last week I had my session with Mistress Zhao. It was my first visit to The Fortress and Mistress Zhao. Upon arrival, the first thing that strike me was absolute discretion and privacy. I walk down the dark red corridor and entered the Pink room. Mistress Zhao showed up few minutes later. Dresses all in black, high hills and bright red lipstick. Do I need to say, she looked stunning. She smiled and gave me the look which made me shiver. “What do you want to do?” she asked me. I made a request. She smiled and brought her face closer to mine… “Get down on your knees.” she said quietly. I obey her. One hour flew by as Mistress Zhao “walked all over me” and I was begging for more. She took her time after the play as well. She asked me how the session was and suggested future games. After the play she was very casual and friendly. She joked, we had laughs. I think Mistress Zhao is intelligent, gorgeous, cool, and sadistic lady. I Can’t wait to see her again.

- GS

I recently had my first ever session at the Fetish Fortress, which also was my first ever professional session. After spending days trying to figure out which the beautiful Mistress I wanted to session with, I picked one and emailed in a session request, briefly describing my interests. To make a long story short, I finally decided on the two hour session with two Mistresses, and it was perhaps the best decision of my life. I had a PHENOMENAL session with Mistress Tran and Mistress Zhao, and my only regret was that I didn’t have time in my visit to NYC for another double session with them. They are both goregous (beyond their pictures) and fantastic players who gave me an absolutely amazing experience that I will forever remember, and I would STRONGLY recommend either of them, or even better, both together. I have the utmost confidence that all of these Mistresses are first rate professionals at what they do, with an absolute phychological understanding of BDSM and a mastery of the skills involved. On a scale of 1 to 10, my experience was a 37, and I thank the Mistresses I was emailing with for being patient with me while I worked through the decision to go for the 2 hour double Mistress session.

- Kilgore Trout

Well when I first saw the Fortress site I was amazed this place existed in area I'd never thought would be located. Wow the Fortress is a fascinating place to have fun and the girls are amazing. I’ve only met a few in person because if you’re lucky they may want to decide to hang out with you in during your session. Mistress Zhao is a funny cool lady to play with and you would be surprised with the humour she has. It's amazing and she really seems to be enjoy tieing me up apparently. Why? That’s her way of saying im not going to let you escape dear. The fortress ladies will keep you entertained very well very thoroughly. Want to know what thats like book a session with zhao or any of the other ladies and find out for yourself.

- Bisa2010

I recently had a session with Mistress Zhao. It was my first visit to FF. It was a superb session, lasting 90 minutes. Mistress Zhao is stunning and gradually pushed my limits on several fronts. As well as being stunningly attractive - with amazing ink - she is extremely intelligent with great sense of humour and positive energy. I can't wait to go back!

- MuchDutch

I saw Mistress Zhao last night for a 2 hour session and as usual She just blew me away. Her energy just fills me as She pushes and challenges my horizons. Mistress Zhao just kept pushing me in other directions and She did leave quite the "impression" on me in this session. Thank You Mistress Zhao

- TrackWarrior

This was my first visit to The Fortress. I had requested a role-play scenario. Mistress Tran took the lead and Mistress Zhao followed up perfectly. They put me through several “exams” and tortures, each time taking me up to my limit but leaving just a bit more to get out of me. Mistress Zhao comforted me while Mistress Tran performed her tortures. Part of the role play was for me to escape, and despite her small stature, Mistress Zhao is quite the wrestler. She put up a good fight, climbing up on my back as I tried to fling her off. She had me exhausted and pinned exactly when she wanted. Mistress Tran is a real pro in following the role-play plot. She could read my endurance levels in my eyes and adjusted accordingly. Mistress Tran created everything I was looking for and added a fantastic plot twist I was not expecting. These Mistresses are very skilled, playful and beautiful. I will be back.

- B

The session was electrifying, and I found myself spell bound. I was speechless and even breathless. In other words it was great. I was able to lose myself at their mercy, something i sometimes have a problem doing. This was a type of session I had never had before and wasn't sure how much i would like it. NOW I KNOW. WOW! I'm sure you all know how gorgeous both Mistresses Tran and Zhao, are, but I don't know if anyone has mentioned how intelligent or personable they are. I appreciate both attributes in a Domme. I hope they know how much I enjoyed the session.

- Terry

I don't live in the US but I was lucky enough to be in New York and decided to pay a second visit to the Fortress. My last visit was over a year ago. Having had a great experience with Mistress Jung first time out, I asked to see her again, but she wasn't free and they recommended I submit myself to Mistress Zhao. It's always a little nerve wracking to meet a mistress for the first time but Ms Zhao put me right at ease as we discussed my preferences and limits. The session itself was awesome and she took me to my limits and also introduced me to a couple of new things I hadn't tried before. Mistress Zhao mixes fun and menace in just the way I like it, she laughs a lot, but you never forget who's in charge! At the end of the two hours I was totally wiped out but incredibly happy with the whole experience. I'm still grinning several days later. The Fortress is an incredibly well equipped facility with the most professional team of mistresses to go with it and I can't wait to come back. Thanks guys.. I really did have a great time ..

- T

From the moment, Mistress Zhao walked in she took command of the room. I was already on my knees and she was pleased. I started breathing heavily in nervous anticipation. She already knew my interests and was dressed impeccably in black thigh-high stockings, high heels, and a business type sexy dress. She pranced around the room with poise and elegance while observing her prey. She explained what was going to happen, I communicated my thoughts and fears, apprehension, and she eased them by saying "I think you can handle it. In fact, I know you will." I was completely helpless and at her mercy, and LOVING IT! She was proud of how much I could endure and began to intensify her efforts. She definitely knows how to weave pain and seduction. She owned me and she knew it. I can't wait to explore other sessions with her. She is truly a Goddess and knows how to get the best and most of out any slave. "I have many ideas and things I will do to you to expand your training." I long for the day I get to my chance to serve her again.

- Smith

Even though I am not a youngster, I am a relative newcomer to the fetish scene. I’ve only had a few sessions (about five or so and all at the Fetish Fortress). Most of the sessions have been medically themed and I must say that all of the sessions have been great. When I was booking my last session, it was suggested that I try a double domme scene. I figured why not and it really had been a fantasy of mine to have two mistresses “examine” me. Boy, am I glad I did – the session was fantastic and I had a great time. Both of the Mistresses (Zhao and Haru) were both very attentive, respected my limits, and really had me wanting more. It was a great session and won’t be soon forgotten.

- "Patient" Steve

It was just a week and a half after my first session at the Fortress and there I was back in Chinatown needing more. I had such an amazing first session with Mistress Zhao that she had me craving more. This time based on the recommendation of Mistress Ree I went with Mistress Zhao and Mistress Tran. Those two should be called the dynamic duo because the session was really amazing. I was tied up and subjected to an hour of tickle torture and then wonderful foot worship as a reward. I won't soon forget that blissful hour with Mistress Zhao and Mistress Tran.

- Brutus

My session with Mistress Choi and Mistress Zhao exceeded all of my expectations. When both mistresses entered the room they looked absolutely stunning dressed in the style I had asked, micro leather outfits and the hottest boots. They immediately took control and I was about to became their plaything. The session began and I was quickly on the floor at their feet but before I knew it they had quickly upped the pace and intensity of the session getting me in all sorts of positions and predicaments! Both Mistress Choi and Mistress Zhao have such a great chemistry together. They took it in turns to punish me whilst the other would sooth and reassure me that the pain I experienced was what I needed to please my misstresses. They continued to revisit the fetishes I had requested in my initial correspondence, using the smell of their leather outfits and their hot boots to distract me. In my ecstasy all I wanted to do was please and impress them. After the session I felt physically and emotionally drained and couldn’t get up from the floor as they both laughed. I was on the floor at the feet of my 2 mistresses and chief tormentors, not a bad place to be.

- M

I had the privilege of being owned by the beautiful Mistress Zhao for two hours. I was her "animal" locked in a room to be abused whenever she pleased, especially when she had a bad day. I greeted her properly upon her entrance and she quickly admonished me for being out of my cage. Once in the cage, I cleaned her boots, had a metal collar and leash attached and was properly lead out to be tied to the ladder in the room. Arms high and knees tied to the ladder I was vulnerable to her whims. There were times that I was in agony when the Mistress paused to caress me and calm me down to a peaceful state and then seconds later returned to administer more pain. There was one moment that I will always cherish: while I was tied to the table, Mistress Zhao crouched over me on her hands and knees and looked down on me. Her long hair was gently caressing my face and she had an angelic and peaceful look. At this moment I knew that she did own me and I would always accept her pain.

- Engman

Last night I had my first visit with Mistress Zhao and Mistress Koi. I can't even begin to explain how great it was. Both Mistresses were very attentive to what my expectations and fantasies were when we began the session. I have to say they did a beautiful job fulfilling all that I wanted and more and both were beyond beautiful. I was so sad when the time was up, it flew by. I will definitely be back again!

- Cabogal

After thinking about BDSM for many years, I had my first serious encounter last week. Circumstances led me to Mistress Zhao. It was fantastic, incredible, my fantasy became reality. Mistress Zhao is beautiful both inside and out. She is just the right mix of compassion and diabolical wickedness, and very very good. I would go to the fortress every week if I could. And the scheduling was very easy, with Mistress Kang being the consummate courteous professional, providing me with easy to follow directions. The playspace is great with a secure private entrance and great ambiance.

- Electrofan

Wow!!! This is the first time I have ever done this and all I can say is wow!! I told Emma on the phone what I was looking for and she suggested Mistress Zhao. It was a perfect match. She greeted me in the most beautiful lingerie and then she even shared a pair of panties with me so I could look pretty as well. She then worked me over and turned me into a complete slut which is exactly what I was looking for. I plan to come by again real soon. Can't wait to see what she has planned for me!

- Jay1818