Being a true aficionado of fetish play does not necessarily mean you have a fortune to spend in it’s pursuit. When we shop for our corsets, latex and fun toys to play with; often cost rears it’s ugly head to try and rain on our fun. Most of us remember in our teens, when our desires started to emerge regular trips to the hardware stores to find items within our budget for play.

Now BDSM is our work, and like any craftsperson we invest in the best tools. But we all still remember that “damn that’s expensive” disappointment so do our absolute best to keep things reasonable given downtown rents and New York cost of living. The general idea is that if you need a very specific time and day you pay the regular rate. If you can give us a range of a few days, and a few hours on each day, even if it’s a specific domme and a specific activity we can offer the prebooking discounted rate.

New to BDSM play? Not quite sure if it’s for you? No problem we specialize in moderate but kinky introductory sessions for clients looking for a new thrill, just ask!

Sessions start at just $180 per hour*, in most cases you can add a second Player to your session for just $100. Our Double-Domination sessions are the best deal in NYC and by far our most popular offering.

We offer the Fortress Dinner & Domination Special. Three hours divided between the dungeon and then a restaurant for a relaxing dinner with the Domina.

Please check the Players individual page for their exact rate or ask when you book your session.

*Pre-Booking Rate is not available for Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays and is for sessions booked at least one week in advance. Clients who cancel sessions with less than 48 hours notice are no longer eligible for the Pre-Booking Rate. Multi-Player and Pre-booking Rates cannot be combined.

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At the Fetish Fortress we provide realistic fetish role-play scenarios. If you make an appointment, show up and start your session with requests for "extras" "a little help" "a happy ending" your session will end and you will not be permitted to book another. To be clear, we are a facility for BDSM enthusiasts, not a place for average Joe to get his pipes cleaned. We can and do terminate sessions when pressed on specifics. If you are connoisseur of skilled BDSM play you will be deeply satisfied with the experience and return to us many times, if you are Vanilla we are NOT the kind of establishment you are looking for.