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  1. Voyage

    ready to bind you ;)

    You already have me bound and you don't even need any rope or chains to do so.
  2. Voyage


    Very regal looking!
  3. Voyage

    A good point of view

    It certainly is if you are in it!
  4. Voyage

    for those who love legs...

    I love your legs and I am addicted to your legs!
  5. Voyage

    Out to dinner w the fortress ladies :)

    Did you have any slaves under the table to eat your food scraps?
  6. Voyage

    keyhole lips ;)

    Such sensual lips!
  7. Voyage


    As usual, you are looking down at your slave. What a beautiful view from the slave's perspective!
  8. Voyage

    Celebrity dommes

    Thanks for introducing me to Lin Jia Qi. Wow!
  9. Voyage

    The sun is setting 🌇

    Lovely photo!
  10. Voyage

    waiting for my bath to fill up 🛁

    After you bath in the water, you could probably sell it to subs to serve as their beverage of choice.
  11. Voyage

    sunny side up, please

  12. Voyage

    An August afternoon

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Exhibit A to explain why I make 500-mile round trips between DC and NYC to visit and worship this goddess. I can hardly wait to see her again in a little over a week.
  13. Voyage

    Gone, but not forgotten

    Good to see you back!
  14. Voyage

    Celebrity dommes

    I once read Halle being quoted as saying she likes or prefers "being on top". I strongly suspect she possesses some kind of a dominant streak.
  15. Voyage

    cozy in a silky shirt

    Beautiful! That robe is so close to falling off you!