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  1. Voyage

    ask me anything

    Why do I want you to use and degrade me? or How can anyone be so sexy?
  2. Voyage

    let me take you down the rabbit hole

    I would gladly follow you there! How could I do otherwise?
  3. Voyage

    london cafes are <3

    She looks SO innocent!
  4. Voyage

    Mochi for breakfast

    I hardly know what to say: you are so perfect. You are a fantasy that actually lives.
  5. Voyage

    Trying to stay cool in the heat😫

    In trying to stay cool might I suggest removing more clothing.
  6. Voyage

    Selfie time😚

    Please take many more selfie times, Mistress Jin.
  7. Just disappointing you is terrible punishment for us. But I would suggest a severe whipping is in order.
  8. Voyage

    this dress is actually a 1930s lingerie slip... oops

    It still looks great on you!!
  9. Voyage

    Late Night Nail Biting

    Oh, wow!!!
  10. Voyage

    Packing for Destination πŸ‘™πŸŒ΄β˜€οΈ... 2 days! ;)

    You are gorgeous!
  11. Voyage

    Over Or Under?

    Tommy, while I aesthetically prefer the end coming from under the roll, it is so much more convenient to find the end when it comes over the top. And, I also once saw on the internet the drawing of how the roll was to unroll as part of a patent application. And yes, the inventor invisioned that the end of the paper would come over the top. That seems pretty decisive to me.
  12. Voyage

    Anthony Bourdain :(

    I was very sad to hear of Anthony Bourdain's passing, especially at his own hand. There will probably never be anyone who can fill his shoes. He was truly unique.
  13. Voyage

    Give me a reason..

    This photo is intoxicating.
  14. Voyage

    Give me a reason..

    Because you are drop-dead gorgeous and we have no choice but to let you have your way with us.
  15. Voyage

    glasses moment πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“

    You look very stylish in those glasses!