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  1. Voyage

    Truly unamused.

    Unamused perhaps but still gorgeous!
  2. Voyage

    Candy stripes :)

    Very pretty!
  3. Voyage


    This view immediately brings me to my knees in worship.
  4. Voyage


    You are endlessly fascinating, and in so many ways!
  5. Voyage

    Respect to Poe🖤

    I would have to list first his poem "The Raven" which BTW must have been the source of Baltimore's NFL team, the Ravens. I love the atmospherics of this poem. But his short stories are riveting as well, like "The Cask of Amontillado", "The Masque of the Red Death", and the "Fall of the House of Usher". He was extraordinary!
  6. Voyage

    Respect to Poe🖤

    Is this photo of his tomb in Baltimore? I, too, am a fan of Poe.
  7. Voyage

    Vanilla Trickery

    Guilty as charged, Mistress Zito. This is a particularly useful ploy because it is also a known vanilla activity.
  8. Voyage

    Aren’t I oh so studious?

    With you in the library, male patrons there probably have to read, re-read, and then read again what they are trying to study. Such a distraction you are!
  9. Voyage

    Word of the day is “sultry”

  10. Voyage

    I made a web

    Hello, Beautiful Goddess. Such a great expression you have here. Any sub seeing you look at him this way had better beware!
  11. Voyage

    No Neck

    That is one lucky dog!
  12. Voyage

    Kang's Kitty

    There are many guys who would like to be in your dog's place, serving as your pet.
  13. Voyage

    ready to bind you ;)

    You already have me bound and you don't even need any rope or chains to do so.
  14. Voyage


    Very regal looking!
  15. Voyage

    A good point of view

    It certainly is if you are in it!