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  1. Hope you're doing ok!

  2. Dannyboy

    London, I love you

    Is London Bridge falling down?
  3. Dannyboy

    First 2 hour session soon.

    It's late Tuesday. I wonder if you survived? LOL. Dannyboy
  4. Dannyboy

    Trying to stay cool in the heat😫

    I see.
  5. Dannyboy

    The look I give my uber driver for being late. How should I punish him?

    I've seen that look before. Just before I got dumped.
  6. Dannyboy

    The "Hard-on" on Trial

    I misspelled the holdup note. Dannyboy
  7. Dannyboy

    Metal Yoke Is Back!

    The yoke is on me. LOL. Dannyboy
  8. Dannyboy

    First 2 hour session soon.

    Surprised that you never did a 2 hour session at the Fortress. Anytime one tries something new there is always that extra sense of anticipation. Good luck. Dannyboy
  9. Dannyboy

    Otaku Makes The Best Gifts

    Dear Ms. Kang: Reminiscent of the time You, Vu and I had lunch at a sushi place and we had ice cream for dessert. The ice cream had pieces of ice suggesting that it melted and refroze. The manager said that it was a new style of ice cream and Vu said to her "you're just lying cause you don't want to admit that it's your fault." That was the day we ended up at Agent Provocateur. Dannyboy
  10. Dannyboy

    Skating through πŸŒ‰

    A bridge over troubled waters.
  11. Dannyboy

    playtime with my rope model in Tokyo

    I wonder if a strict spanking ensued?
  12. Dannyboy

    Quick Tokyo Trip

    Dear Ms. Kang: Thank you for that information. She was the "still water that ran deep" in my life. I still think about her. Dannyboy
  13. Dannyboy

    Quick Tokyo Trip

    Dear Ms. Kang: Please enjoy. My dream would be to go to a karaoke place and sing "Ue O Muite Arukou" with certain Japanese Mistresses of my past.....and of course with you in attendance as well. Oyasumi nasai. Dannyboy
  14. Dannyboy

    T-shirt: "Looking For Japanese Boyfriend"

    Make sure he follows the code of Bushido.
  15. Dannyboy


    What's a man to do?