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  1. Dannyboy

    Mistress Jung- Summer Sessions!!

    Dear Ms. Kang: You have honored in connection with Sukiyaki in different ways over the time we have known each other. Thank you. A trivial point you may not know is that I cannot sing that song in Kyu Sakamoto's key. I usually sing along and have great difficultly hitting the high notes. I did much better when I performed it in front of a group accompanied by a Japanese guitarist. One of the Japanese ladies came up to me with compliments on my pronunciation and and the true heartbreak that came directly from my life. Hitori bocchi no yoru. For tonight I am all alone. Dannyboy
  2. Dannyboy

    Mistress Jung- Summer Sessions!!

    kevy...... The trouble with many subs is their collective self effacing qualities. I should know that. Allow yourself the right to consider yourself special for singing to your Mistress. I remember that Dogzilla posted some years ago about singing "What's New Pussycat?" to Eva Koi over 20 times in a session. I sing songs to bare the pain in my soul. Mina Jung knew of the sadness within my soul. She had a quality of empathy I've rarely seen in a woman. The last song I ever sang to her was "Don't" by Elvis Presley. Dannyboy
  3. Dannyboy

    double trouble

    Siamese twins?
  4. Dannyboy

    the coy smile

    Not to be confused with the "Koi" smile.
  5. Dannyboy

    Nervous to book a session

    I simply got tired of keeping it all in my head and decided to go forward one day a long time ago. I'm sure we all have experienced jitters, if only mildly, at the beginning. Another fact is that throughout my years in the scene I am always nervous when I meet a new Mistress. It's almost to be expected. Even now, as I anticipate a reunion with a Mistress here, I feel as if I am in a fog. So, just accept how you feel as natural for you and go ahead and take the next step when you are comfortable. Dannyboy
  6. Dannyboy

    Mistress Jung- Summer Sessions!!

    Dear Ms. Rey: A thought passed my mind that I might bring my little demon into session with Mina but I never considered sharing the time I had with her. I am a little nervous over seeing her again and I don't have an agenda right now. I used to prepare a song list for our sessions and I may do that before August arrives. The last song that I dedicated to Mina will be the first on that list. I sang to her in our sessions and she listened attentively, even kindly as my singing voice even then had diminished quite a bit. I am a different person today but the thought of her still tugs at my heart. Dannyboy
  7. Dannyboy

    You were saying?

    I could form a coherent sentence if I truly wanted too. Maybe later.
  8. Dannyboy

    One single toy

    Assuming we could get ahead of the survival game the time and opportunity for play might arise. I am not sure that the play will take the form of S & M play. Dannyboy
  9. Dannyboy

    One single toy

    If I was stranded on a deserted island with a Mistress we would both be dealing with survival. Food, shelter and hopes of rescue would be the main agenda for us. We could play after we're rescued. Dannyboy
  10. Dannyboy

    Mistress Jung- Summer Sessions!!

    I worry about JJB though. I hope he is in good health and able to find out that she is coming back. I did not lose bladder or bowel control. It is a much deeper feeling and I look forward to reconnecting with her. This time I already know she will have to leave in a while. Dannyboy
  11. Dannyboy

    Impress Me In The Kitchen

    I don't do much cooking nowadays. Most of my meals are cooked for me or I dine at restaurants, order in or go hungry until someone takes pity on me. I cooked out of necessity after a divorce for myself and a child of the marriage. Later I took up with a young lady whose father was a chef and a restaurant owner. I learned how to cook a number of dishes including a mean chili con carne. I also went to the docks and bought freshly caught fish from the fishing boats. Then I cleaned and cooked them. There was a time when I could dine free at her father's restaurant on Madison Avenue. Years later I made a vegetarian chili that was served at party hosted by my woman at that time. There were no fatalities. Actually I received many compliments and regretted that I didn't make much more. Those days are "Gone With the Wind." Dannyboy
  12. Dannyboy

    Mistress Jung- Summer Sessions!!

    It seems that a myth prevails, the origin of which is far beyond my limited abilities to comprehend, that I was shattered and despondent over her sudden departure. One would suppose that my soul departed with her and I would forever carry the ghost of her memory until the last beat of my heart on this Earth. Well, it is true that I did like her a lot. Dannyboy
  13. Dannyboy

    Mistress Jung- Summer Sessions!!

    Wow: I will have to get my Death Certificate rescinded and my heart going again. Dannyboy
  14. Hope you're doing ok!

    1. Dannyboy


      Still breathing and thinking dirty thoughts.

    2. The Spermwhale

      The Spermwhale

      Lol good news!!!!

  15. Dannyboy

    London, I love you

    Is London Bridge falling down?