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  1. questionmarks

    a glimpse of my new tattoo

  2. questionmarks

    Impress Me In The Kitchen

  3. questionmarks

    Impress Me In The Kitchen

    Now we're talkin.
  4. questionmarks

    Impress Me In The Kitchen

    i love to cook, and i get much more into it when i have someone to cook for. i recently brought home a bucket of fish from a day on the water, cleaned and filleted them, and prepared a few porgies dredged in corn flour (fried in bacon fat yesssss) and some fluke ceviche, and i've got a few packages in the freezer for a later date. it would make me feel all manly and proud to catch, kill, clean, and prepare a meal for my mistress. and then i'd bake her a tart or a pie for dessert, or some lemon bourbon cupcakes or something or if we were doing brunch i'd make my upscale egg mcmuffins, freshly squeeze some OJ, and make a big ol pot of coffee (or herbal tea, if she doesn't like caffeine), all served with a side of foot massage. and then i'd hope for a "good boy" or two.
  5. questionmarks


    it always makes me happy to see your face, hmjk, even though when i see it in person it means i'm about to be tormented and terrified
  6. questionmarks

    Mistress Compliments

  7. questionmarks

    Mochi for breakfast

    i wish i had the skills to sketch this dream-like wonder; you
  8. questionmarks

    Mistress Compliments

    I'm not sure I'd ever really felt like an object of desire before then, but that's what I heard and felt in her voice, and then that's what I felt in my body. It was exhilarating while being confusing. It was like hearing a poem in a language I didn't yet speak that I knew someday I would love.
  9. questionmarks

    this dress is actually a 1930s lingerie slip... oops

    sexy heels!
  10. questionmarks

    Late Night Nail Biting

    thought so
  11. questionmarks

    Otaku Makes The Best Gifts

  12. questionmarks

    Sleepless In Chinatown

    oh and then this sweet face hi
  13. questionmarks

    Late Night Nail Biting

  14. questionmarks


    those squeals!!!!
  15. questionmarks

    orchids are my favorite

    you are so beeautiful