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  1. questionmarks

    Mistakes Were Made

    There are too many to choose from, HM, and so many more still ahead of me.
  2. questionmarks

    Little Pleasures

    This is really nice, thank you, HMJK, I'm really enjoying the responses. Yesterday I stopped along my walk to watch the squirrels in Tompkins square park bury nuts for the winter. (If you've never seen them pat down the earth with their little hands, I highly recommend giving it a few minutes, it's fascinating and adorable.) I'm grateful for the little moments in the animal kingdom I get to spy as I walk around the city.
  3. questionmarks

    Rose-colored girl

    hot damn!
  4. questionmarks

    I made a web

    I love how quietly pleased and proud you look in this photo!
  5. questionmarks

    I made a web

    You sure are gorgeous πŸ™ƒ
  6. questionmarks

    Kang's Kitty

    look at the little cutie patootie!
  7. questionmarks

    Celebrity dommes

    Anyone else seen Crazy Rich Asians yet? Because Hello! Gemma Chan. Wowza.
  8. questionmarks

    waiting for my bath to fill up πŸ›

    before i met you i never would've imagined being so turned on by wanting to pinch someone's cheeks
  9. questionmarks

    An August afternoon

    yes indeed! gorgeous!
  10. questionmarks


  11. questionmarks

    Game of Thrones Fans?

    I mean, you asked.
  12. questionmarks

    Game of Thrones Fans?

    Daenerys. My family left me with as much baggage as privilege, and I learned early on how to be alone and take care of myself. I'm honest and principled, but also stubborn and naive. I'm impatient for the world to be better, and perpetually surprised to find people who don't seem to give a shit, but even when I make an impact, I struggle to see how to leave a lasting impression. I also have a pretty high self regard. But I'm, like, way less badass. And even at my most masochistic, she still has a higher pain tolerance 😜
  13. questionmarks

    cozy in a silky shirt

    this is the sexiest thing i've ever seen in my life
  14. questionmarks

    why would i need all this for?

    pink! look how adorable you are! πŸ™ƒ
  15. questionmarks

    First Time

    i'm genuinely struggling to come up with an answer for this. i more often wish i'd done things earlier than wish i could come to things freshly again. i was a pretty tightly wound teenager. so maybe a weird answer... i'd like to be able to hear shakira's oral fijacion for the first time again. the first time i listened to that albumβ€”pre-ordered on CD lolβ€”her voice during the chorus of the first track gave me this incredible synesthetic experience, that i was tasting (and even feeling) ripe peaches in the back of my mouth. i kept replaying it and feeling it again. it was outrageous. that note still gets me every time, but the peaches eventually stopped showing up.