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  1. So it's not like Thor's Mjolnir, right, a permanently enchanted item that only he can wield? It's just like a normal belt, that is imbued with special power when wielded by Mistress Rey right. It's more like she has a high enchanting level (like 70 at least honestly probly for this level of enchantment that you guys are talking about) and she casts a high level pain enchantment on a normal belt but it's only a temporary status effect so once she stops wielding the belt the effect is lost and she'd have to recast it using mana in order to achieve the same effect again
  2. So would you say that it's a specific special belt
  3. Is there a specific special belt she uses or something, I feel like I've seen like 5 posts about her belt whippings and people making it this big thing, which maybe it is, is there a specific special belt she uses or something?
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    First Time

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    Game of Thrones Fans?

    Of the opposite sex I'd be the old Lady Tyrell woman. Rich af, just lounges in gardens all day bein' fine sippin' wine, has the most beeeaaauuutiful grandchildren, throws shade at every character she interacts with in every single conversation, is literally just a diss machine, and everyone loves her so much (including her enemies) to the point that she gets arguably the least awful death of any character we see killed (non-painful poison while chilling in her tower). Charmed life. Same sex I'd go Bronn because he's just so dope, or maybe whoever the ridiculously handsome guy (one of the mercenaries) that Dany was cucking Jorah with for awhile before she started cucking him with Jon Snow in later seasons.
  6. kevybaby

    First Time

    Oh wow this is the obvious answer yeah. Had no idea wtf I was doing or why it felt good for like the first year of doing it but it felt so damn good.
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    boobs!!! tits!!! squishy fun bags!!!

    You guys go to cool weird places
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    cozy in a silky shirt

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    LOVE your hair, shirt, and tattoo but ALSO your jean shorts and your stockings I mean so sexy. This is fashion on a high level, as I'm sure you know. The background is something out of a Mistress Von Dietz candid because its a place that I wouldn't think could possibly exist except for the fact that there's a picture of it here. Incrediblé.
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    why would i need all this for?

    Lol did you bring that on the subway
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    All latex lingerie

    I also think its fire
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    First Time

    Like if I say drumming that's something that also sucked at the beginning and wasn't fun until I was actually any good at it. Sex is shitty as a novice. Most things in life aren't fun at the beginning because you don't know what you're doing but in a video game what you can do is exciting because compared to learning about what you can do in life it happens way faster. I mean it took me maybe a thousand hours in that game to become a literal demi-god. In real life it takes decades for most people to just be a financially successful person, and that's not as good as being a demi-god. That said, video game addiction is a real problem and it's better to focus on the real world rather than fake realities.
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    First Time

    Yeah it was beautiful. What am I going to say like my first session? My first session wasn't my best session though so I can't say that. But that first playthrough of Morrowind (and I guess also Oblivion and Skyrim but Morrowind was my favorite) was absolutely fucking magical.
  14. kevybaby

    First Time

    Morrowind. Favorite game of all time; so much depth and lore and I'd never seen a massive world in any game with so much personality. Truly felt like I became a god in some alien place. Probably spent a couple thousand hours playing that game. Also, not Morrowind. Probably wasted a couple thousand hours playing that game.