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  1. Double00zero

    Book to Movie/Show

    Lion is a personal favorite....very emotional moment when they showed the real characters at the end
  2. Double00zero

    Vanilla Trickery

    I once was dating a Chinese women who spoke fluent mandarin. When we got naked together for the first time, I told her my last Chinese gf nicknamed my penis “xiao”but never told me the meaning of such name (xiao means small). This was all a lie but I wanted to see her reaction lol. She blushed and laughed a bit, then told me what the word meant. I pretend to be embarrassed but of course I was really enjoying this. She then proceeded to call me xiao lol. she was a vanilla girl and always apologized for calling me xiao...only if she knew how much I enjoyed it lol
  3. Double00zero

    Neighborhood Crush

    There is a girl I work with on the same floor I flirt with...and she flirts back...the other week she tells me I have small hands which I believe she was implying I have a small...you get the idea...I immediately turned red and she laughed lol
  4. Double00zero

    Mistress Compliments

    Mistress Jin once put a pair of panties on me and then told me I had nice legs....made my day!
  5. Double00zero

    Natural lighting is best lighting

    So pretty
  6. Double00zero

    Tell me a secret about you.

    I want to tell you everything!
  7. Double00zero


    When I was in college, a girl I had a crush on asked me to come with her and get a pedicure...I said no because I was to insecure about my mascalinity to go lol. Seems silly looking back at it now. She did let me rub her shoulders...I enjoyed the experience although I did feel like I was being taken advantage off as she knew I liked her and was able to get shoulder rubs from me and I got nothing in return...
  8. Double00zero

    after morning stretches

    What type of stretches do you do? Are you into Yoga?
  9. Double00zero


  10. Double00zero

    Wow! Perfect...you look amazing with short hair....can we see a pic of you with glasses on as well?
  11. Double00zero

    Whipping You Into The Shape I Want!

    Hmm, I always wanted to do a yoga inspired session...made to stretchs, some of which are embarrassing, lol, leaving sensitive people arts exposed for the mistress to inspect lol
  12. Double00zero

    4 Pink Room Shankar

  13. Double00zero

    Funny Moments In Session

    when mistress Von Dietz was placing a chastity device on me, I was worried it would permanently damage me, she said "don't worry, I haven't lost one yet"...we LoL-ed
  14. Double00zero

    It's noon and this is already my third cup of coffee...

    Ice coffee in this weather?
  15. Double00zero

    gazing on

    Absolutely beautiful!