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Found 3 results

  1. sjohn77562


    Hi, I am going to sechedule my first session in two weeks. I would like to have an interrogation session. Does anybody experinaced at forttress
  2. AromaLover21

    First 2 hour session soon.

    4 days away from my first 2 hour session at the fortress and I chose quite the role play for the occasion. An interrogation scene with Mistresses Jin & Zito! I'm actually a bit nervous but my excitement outweighs that for this experience. The thought makes my stomach tingle with anticipation. I'm certain they will be meticulous with their means of intel extraction. Let's see how long my willpower lasts in their care. I wonder if their fart torture will even be too much for me 🤔.
  3. Hi everyone, Don't know if anyone has seen Blade Runner 2049 or it if you have did you like it? It's not for everyone, a real slow burn. I LOVED it and I've seen it three times already (See it in IMAX). To me it's one of the best science fiction FILMS ever made. So there are two scenes in the film where Ryan Goslings Character, K, a Replicant and Blade Runner, has to be subjected to a Post Trauma Baseline Test every time he "Retires" a rogue Replicant. This is similar to the Voightt Kampff test in the first Blade Runner but way more intense. Now this test is a series of rapid fire questions and answers to see if K has developed an emotional response for basically committing murder. Whats so interesting is that these questions and answers are intertwined with a passage from one of my favorite books, Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov (He also wrote Lolita). I'm curios to see what others thought of the film and these scenes in general. I've committed the first Post Trauma Baseline Test (Interrogation) scene to memory. Here it is verbatim. Interrogator: "Officer K-D-six-dash-three-dot-seven, let's begin. Ready?" K: "Yes, sir." Interrogator: "Recite your baseline." K: "And blood-black nothingness began to spin... A system of cells interlinked within cells interlinked within cells interlinked within one stem... And dreadfully distinct against the dark, a tall white fountain played." Interrogator: "Cells." K: "Cells." Interrogator: "Have you ever been in an institution? Cells." K: "Cells." Interrogator: "Do they keep you in a cell? Cells." K: "Cells." Interrogator: "When you're not performing your duties do they keep you in a little box? Cells." K: "Cells." Interrogator: "Interlinked." K: "Interlinked." Interrogator: "What's it like to hold the hand of someone you love? Interlinked." K: "Interlinked." Interrogator: "Did they teach you how to feel finger to finger? Interlinked." K: "Interlinked." Interrogator: "Do you long for having your heart interlinked? Interlinked." K: "Interlinked." Interrogator: "Do you dream about being interlinked... ?" K: "Interlinked." Interrogator: "What's it like to hold your child in your arms? Interlinked." K: "Interlinked." Interrogator: "Do you feel that there's a part of you that's missing? Interlinked." K: "Interlinked." Interrogator: "Within cells interlinked." K: "Within cells interlinked." Interrogator: "Why don't you say that three times: Within cells interlinked." K: "Within cells interlinked. Within cells interlinked. Within cells interlinked." Interrogator: "We're done... Constant K, you can pick up your bonus.” I myself think, even though Blade Runner 2049 is not doing well at the box office, its going to become a cult classic and these two scenes are an example why.