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Found 7 results

  1. AromaLover21

    First 2 hour session soon.

    4 days away from my first 2 hour session at the fortress and I chose quite the role play for the occasion. An interrogation scene with Mistresses Jin & Zito! I'm actually a bit nervous but my excitement outweighs that for this experience. The thought makes my stomach tingle with anticipation. I'm certain they will be meticulous with their means of intel extraction. Let's see how long my willpower lasts in their care. I wonder if their fart torture will even be too much for me 🤔.
  2. I just saw a hot BDSM clip where a domme has a sub renounce his higher power while she is in a latex nun's outfit wearing black lipstick and seducing him to sin. I have never read anything about role-plays at the Fortress but I would love to experience this...is it possible?
  3. It was my first session at the Fortress and getting into the fortress was as heart throbbing as it was getting out. Get through a systematic area of instructed directions, you immediately feel that you have already surrendered. Slightly frightened and the atmosphere which makes you heighten your senses. But very clean, very professional and absolutely well maintained. I did as instructed and waiting for Mistress Shankar to come in the room. Here she enters and looks much much more beautiful, sexy and sensuous than you see in the pictures. Amazing smile covering her ability to govern you is what you realise as you move on. I decided for a deceiving roleplay and Mistress was kind enough to do exactly the same. And much much better. With a little experience, i was always made to feel that i am in safe hands and Mistress was conversational all the time. Commanding, sensouus and rough as i can describe the session where 2 hours passed by within no time. Should have waited for more, i guess but would certainly plan that way next time in New York. Thanks a ton Mistress Shankar. You are just amazing ! Remembering your sexy sight with towering impressions of teasing and torturing my nipples, spanking and tease and denial.
  4. On second thought the title cements the fact that I am in my 20s . Anyway, I figured Id be creative with the title as I have a session booked with the lovely Mistresses Zito and Fang. This will be my first group session and I look forward to the experience that the ladies will bring. Especially with the role-play I suggested, I know that I'm in for something special. I'm anxious to see those two work together and see where they take me. It's going to be heavenly .
  5. travellerinlife

    Questions for the First Session

    Hi everybody, my name is George. I recently joined this forum because I was so intrigued by this institution and the beautiful women who work here. I'm fairly new to the world of BDSM and am really curious by it. I have not had a session here yet, but I will try and find time to come down here and be dominated by one (or two) of the mistresses sometime during a vacation. I want to ask some questions to anybody who has been here or to anybody who has the answer(s) before I start planning out a session. 1) It's one thing to be mesmerized by the actions you see in videos, but what are the emotions you feel during a session? 2) What are some of the fetish/roleplay sessions you've had with the players? 3) Which player or duo of players do you recommend I have a session with? I apologize for asking so many questions, but having a place that can replicate some of the dreams I've had right in my hometown is so exciting. Thank you so much.
  6. VirginslaveboyKK

    DnD: Domination and Dragons

    Just saw this video, and now I kinda want to try a Fantasy themed domination session. Also have any of you subs tried this?
  7. This was my first session with Mistress Koi. i selected a schoolgirl bully scenario wherein i was Her gym teacher and i kept Her after school for picking on a boy during class. During detention, however, She got the upper hand on me and demonstrated how She had turned the highschool football star into Her whimpering, badly beaten, and humiliated plaything. Mistress Koi looked and played the part of the consummate, sexy school girl - Her sweet, innocent face concealing cruel, sadistic intent. Schoolgirl Koi immediately got me under Her thumb with Her seductive sensuality. Before i knew what was happening i found myself seated before Her, wilting beneath Her beautiful, malevolent stare, agreeing to let Her show me what had happened. i will never forget the lesson that followed: the brutality of Her face slaps, the drenching humiliation of Her saliva dripping down my face, the hypnotic lilt of Her cute, girly voice constantly commanding my obedience, the gleaming intensity in Her eyes as She pinned me to the table with Her hands and foot, the erotic helplessness i felt as She wrestled me, the dig of Her razor sharp fingernails tearing my flesh to shreds, the scorpion sting of Her pastel whip as i moaned, “Yes, yes!” over and over :wink: i could go on and on singing Mistress Koi's praises, but would recommend that you worship Her in person. WG (aka Crucified Clergyman)