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    serving ASIAN WOMEN, serving life in an ASIAN prison, ASIAN themed role play, race play (Superior Asian Mistress, inferior white male) humiliation, corporal.

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  1. joey

    Aren’t I oh so studious?

    yes you are!
  2. joey

    Word of the day is “sultry”

    I hope you put him in his place.
  3. joey

    Hair Bun Cages

    great looking girl!
  4. joey


  5. joey

    A good point of view

    a very good point of view.
  6. joey

    The sun is setting 🌇

  7. joey

    sunny side up, please

    my oh my
  8. joey

    Jet lag can go fuck itself

  9. joey

    You were saying?

    you are killing me with your beauty!
  10. joey

    Fortress Dreams...

    I have many fantasies about The Fortress. not dreams.
  11. joey


    intense sophistication. you got it all!
  12. joey

    Nothing good happens after 3 am

    intense beauty.
  13. joey

    London, I love you

    London loves you.
  14. joey

    london cafes are <3

    that smile!
  15. joey

    Photo credit: MVD (my favorite photographer)